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Warhammer Next Week: Chaos, Made To Order

Next week, it’s Chaos by design, to your explicit specs. That’s proper, it’s made-to-order Chaos time. Get your lords subsequent week!

It’s a made-to-order Chaos Cavalcade subsequent week for the Mortal Realms. Various traditional Chaos Lords can be found by GW’s made-to-order course of. You’ll discover all 4 of the Chaos gods represented right here, in addition to a retro-Archaon that’s again and extra steel than ever.

Literally. Check out every thing you’ll be capable of snag subsequent week. As with most of those choices, you’ve solely obtained a restricted window. So if you wish to gather these traditional Chaos lords, you’ll need to get ’em quick.

Made-to-Order Chaos

First up, it’s Archaon, again in POG kind. Er. Metal kind. That’s proper, Archaon, Lord of the End Times right here is the traditional Archaon, now solid in steel in all his glory. Paint him as much as make him look iconic. GW suggests utilizing him as a Chaos Lord in a Slaves to Darkness military.

But this beaut will look good in any assortment.

Next up, a traditional Khorne Lord. Or Colonel, as they had been as soon as recognized. As with all of those, the Khorne Lord can be solid in steel. And he makes for a incredible Khorne Marked mini, whether or not that’s a Chaos Lord or Aspiring Deathbringer. As lengthy as he can take skulls for the cranium throne.

Nurgle’s Chaos Lord has an entire additional blade on his shoulder, and a feculent grin that will make his patron proud. Whether you discipline him in Slaves to Darkness or Maggotkin of Nurgle, the traditional Nurgle Lord is a grim, grinning man who’s enjoyable to be round.

Slaanesh’s Chaos Lord actually evokes that Dark Elf/Eldar sensibility. Especially with that top topknot, that’s clearly the most effective of all instances. How lengthy do you assume it takes to wrap all that? And whom does the Chaos Lord belief sufficient to get that shut?

The Tzeentch Chaos Lord comes with a well-recognized and is the enduring chicken wizard. How many chicken heads are you able to depend between these two miniatures?

Finally a Mounted Chaos Sorcerer, again as a real blast from the traditional previous.

All these can be found beginning subsequent Saturday and operating by November twenty eighth!




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