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Warhammer: The Old World – New Art Brings Back The Orcs, Bretonnians, and Tomb Kings

Games Workshop is again with a brand new replace on the standing of the Warhammer: The Old World mission. And some fancy new artwork!

It’s been some time because the final replace from Warhammer: The Old World. I feel that time frame has been put to good use as GW has been engaged on all method of goodies for The Old World. We’ve acquired new artwork to take a look at in addition to some updates so let’s dive in.

through Warhammer Community

“Our miniatures designers, painters, writers, illustrators, and graphic designers have all been engaged in a interval of industrious exercise getting new miniatures designed and the primary rulebook written, playtested, lavishly illustrated, and laid out. This actually is a gargantuan mission with tons to point out off, however for now we need to give a glimpse of among the superb art work the Warhammer: The Old World  crew’s illustrators have been producing… “

New Art Ahead!


Peasant Archer of the Kingdom of Bretonnia within the heraldry of Duke Gastille, Red Hand of Brionne

“Knight of the Kingdom of Bretonnia wears the black and red of Duke Gastille.”

It’s additionally value noting that this Knight has a gold rim round his protect system on the barding. That identifies him as a Knight of the Realm as a substitute of a extra junior Knight Errant. The white axe icon can also be of Brionne.

Tomb Kings

“Tomb Kings of Khemri chariot sports the classic red and teal of Settra the Imperishable.”



A charging Orc Boar Boy

Map Update

We additionally get one other have a look at the map of the Old World and it seems to be progressing fairly properly. What’s new within the map? Good query!

“…we’ve recently added a number of emblems indicating locations important to the Dwarfs and the greenskins – in particular up in the mountain ranges that cross the Old World, and in the northern reaches of the Badlands. Each icon is just the tip of the iceberg, with a huge amount of work going into developing the character and history behind each and every group and faction.”

It’s a really spectacular map for certain. I actually hope that GW uploads some tremendous hi-rez photographs of this map for followers to peruse ultimately. It’s loopy to assume that is nonetheless “a work in progress” as properly! I’m suspecting we’ll see extra information about The Old World within the not too distant future as GW additionally talked about that subsequent 12 months is the fortieth anniversary of Warhammer!


Well the artwork’s wanting superb. Now let’s see some fashions…


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