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Warlords Under Siege – Beta Demo

Warlords Under Siege – Beta Demo


Warlords Under Siege is a roguelite RTS the place you try to construct and defend a small metropolis from large waves of assaults by an enemy military.

In Warlords Under Siege you’ll construct partitions, command troopers and enhance your city’s buildings as you try to repel assaults from an enemy military. You’ll collect sources and recruit troopers as in a standard RTS, however you’ll additionally be capable of take command of a person hero and select from a choice of bonus playing cards on your military firstly of every day. You’ll additionally unlock new playing cards on the finish of every playthrough which you should utilize to customise your deck.

It’s a promising roguelite deck-building twist on the standard RTS style that appears set to ship quick paced gameplay, massive battles and plenty of replayability. test it out now to go beneath siege.

Download The Warlords Under Siege Beta Demo Here (Click “Request Access”)



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