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West End Games (WEG) Star Wars (and Mini-6) home guidelines you utilize.

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Topic: West End Games (WEG) Star Wars (and Mini-6) home guidelines you utilize.  (Read 622 instances)

Honestly I simply use the fan made Revised, Expanded, Updated model of SWD6. It has quite a lot of elective home guidelines and incorporates quite a lot of guidelines from different D6 books to create what I might say is the definitive model of the principles. I suppose I’m technically utilizing no matter home guidelines Womp Rat Press got here up with.

Ah, the “REUP” model of Star Wars D6.  It may virtually be it is personal sport, however as a result of licensing that is not going to occur.

Saying D&D is the very best RPG is like saying Bud Lite is the very best beer.  Maybe we should not equate “well-liked” with “good”?




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