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what’s it, and what ought to or not it’s?

My opinion is unpopular however I’ll share it anyway: I do not suppose “copyright” must be a factor in any respect (barring fraud).

It causes limitless issues for creators, together with those that wish to use HPL, REH, CAS, stuff.

It makes individuals terrified of sharing a PDF they purchased with their mates to allow them to create PCs.

It makes some OOP video games exhausting to seek out.

It’s primary function is to switch cash to Disney and many others.

I hope that someday this may look as ridiculous as suing Napster customers is now. Now music entry is principally free for everyone. Should be he similar for books.

I’ve revealed a dozen books and my primary hurdle is obscurity, not piracy.

If anybody desires to publish a complement for Dark Fantasy Basic, be my visitor, I’ll be delighted.

If you do not have a few bucks to purchase one one my PDFs, be happy to pirate it, not less than till you get the cash. (please put it in the proper folder this time ).

Nowadays most stuff is funded by KS anyway (not mine, sadly, for geographical causes).

But it would not actually matter what I believe, this will probably be determined by US, China, Disney, and many others.

With that stated, I believe it is rather lucky that we have now the SRD, an actual blessing. It makes D&D MORE common IMO, not much less common. I’d write a SotDL complement myself if it had a SRD.



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