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Look intently on the card and it tells you precisely what to do.

Advance token to nearest railroad

Pay proprietor twice the rental to which he/she is entitled. If railroad is unowned, chances are you’ll purchase it from the financial institution.

Advance means you might be transferring ahead on the board, so this may all the time transfer you to the railroad that you just run into. In your instance, it means that you’d cease at Pennsylvania.

From what it appears like, you might be studying approach an excessive amount of right into a easy card. In the sport of Monopoly, there isn’t any option to go backwards, so that you by no means look behind you when you find yourself attempting to calculate distance.

To break it down from the Chance spot that’s within the mild blues, the rating of railroads by way of distance is

  1. Pennsylvania (8 areas away with regular motion)
  2. B. & O. (18 areas away with regular motion)
  3. Short Line (28 areas away with regular motion)
  4. Reading (38 areas away with regular motion)

The solely time you may cross go along with that card is on the Chance spot proper after the Short Line spot on the board.

You all the time must keep in mind that when taking part in a board recreation (until particularly acknowledged) you calculate distance based mostly on the path you progress.

As for the remark in regards to the Go to Jail card, it doesn’t instruct you to advance to jail. That card is specifying modifications to the motion guidelines on the cardboard as a result of it needs you to deal with it in a different way than different playing cards that direct you to maneuver to a location.

Go to jail

Go on to jail
Do not cross go
Do not gather $200

There are different playing cards which break the motion guidelines, and people playing cards totally describe the modifications to the foundations.

Go again 3 areas

This card clearly describes a motion that’s exterior of the traditional guidelines, and doesn’t use the phrase advance so it will probably’t be confused with regular motion.

Official Tournament Rules the place passing go a second time by this card isn’t talked about though it does point out passing go a second time from this house

GO Each time a participant’s token lands on or passes over
GO, whether or not by throw of the cube or by drawing a card,
the Banker pays the participant a $200 wage. The $200 is
paid solely as soon as every time across the board. However, if a
participant passing GO on the throw of a cube lands 2 areas
past it on Community Chest, or 7 areas past it on
Chance, and attracts the “Advance to GO” card, he/she
collects $200 for passing GO the primary time and one other
$200 for reaching it the second time by directions on the



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