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Why So Serious? The Silliest Characters Games Workshop Ever Named

Everyone is aware of the worlds of Warhammer are tremendous grimdark and filled with angst and gritty bitterness.  After you examine these guys… perhaps not a lot.

If there may be one factor the GW Design Studio is unbelievable at it’s naming characters!  Here are a number of of our dad-jokiest favorites to brighten your day.  Just keep in mind these the subsequent time anybody tells you that GW universe is nothing however “very serious business”.

1) Sly Marbo (40k) – Um, I suppose you need to mannequin him with a bow, blowing up Vostroyan “Hinds” and all the time dropping the heroine within the course of…

2) Ramhotep the Visionary (WFB) – Well it’s definitely visionary to swap out these 2 first letters. Certainly Ramhotep has nothing to do with this man

3) Vlad Von Carstein (WFB) – Noble head of state – guidelines a “dark bloodthirsty kingdom” – Inspiration for Dracula – perhaps they’re speaking about this dude.

4) Lion El’ Jonson (40k) – Clearly, nothing AT ALL to do with the poet…

5) Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau (40k) – It’s finest to only consider the identify as a facet impact of the Eighties.

6) TikTaq’To (WFB) – Master of the skies!  Clearly, somebody within the design studio misplaced a wager…

7) Malekith (WFB) – It’s straightforward to maintain observe of the Warhammer Fantasy and MARVEL kings of the Dark Elves as a result of they’re just about an identical. Except that Marvel’s is far older..

8) Sergeant Lukas Bastonne / Sergeant Harker (40k) – Kinda laborious to not consider the actual life WW2 hero Sergeant Basilone.

9) Marco Columbo (WFB) – The Tilean explorer who crossed the ocean and found Lustria. Hmm…

And final however definitely not least:

10) Long Drong (WFB) – The “well above average” Dwarf Pirate of Sartosa. He is descended from Drong the Hard. I’m by no means making any of this up – it’s 100% canon.

11) Konrad Curze (40K) – Part Batman and half Heart of Darkness. This Dark Knight is aware of The Horror!

11) Corvus Corax (40K) – Don’t assume it’s solely the unhealthy primarchs who get the foolish *wink wink* naming therapy. How a couple of identify that actually interprets to “Raven Raven” who leads the Raven Guard? It’s definitely environment friendly.

~So which one tops your record – or did we miss your favourite? Also any good punny names from Age of Sigmar that caught your consideration?


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