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Why You Should Check Out Community Pom

The unique Playstation was my first console, and I’ve a keenness for the RPGs launched on the platform. The classics are beloved for a cause, however I’d like to provide a particular shout-out to a recreation that didn’t launch outdoors Japan, and didn’t make an enormous splash there both. The recreation, Community Pom, acquired a fan translation final 12 months, and it was the primary I’d heard of it. Seeing a single particular person on my Twitter timeline cheering in regards to the translation’s launch intrigued me, and as soon as I booted it up, my curiosity was rewarded with an cute, stunning recreation.

Developed by Fill in Cafe, higher identified for the Asuka 120% titles, Community Pom is an motion RPG comparable in gameplay to Zelda. It’s not one-to-one, as Pom’s major character depends on magic spells over swordplay, however she will swing her workers to fend off shut foes. Our spunky protag, Lulu, is a younger girl who needs to clear the title of critters named Poms who stay close to her village. The village’s Meymeys, sheep principally, have been getting attacked, and Poms are being blamed for this. Lulu is aware of the Poms are harmless as they play along with her and gave her the workers she makes use of for fight. So, she units out to rescue the Poms and kind a brand new place for them to stay: the Community Pom the sport is known as for!

Gameplay in Community Pom is cut up about 60-40 between exploring the overworld, combating enemies and rescuing Poms; and creating the Community, feeding Poms and giving them duties to enhance their cute residing area. Traveling to dungeons by way of an overworld teeming with baddies, Lulu can swing her workers to whack foes equally to how Link swings his sword in a 2D Zelda. Your energy grows as you clear the dungeons,with every boss defeated including a spell to your repertoire. These can vary from easy fireballs to therapeutic abilities and even a teleport to carry you again to city, so the spells really feel much like Zelda-style instruments. You may also accumulate objects to summon elementals, that are for all intents and functions a screen-clear. The neighborhood constructing side has you utilizing meals you collect in your quest to feed Poms, tasking them with constructing new institutions of their village to boost your Poms simpler. Raising your Poms permits them to unlock new abilities, and you’ll journey with Poms in tow and use their abilities to clear obstacles and defeat enemies. Raising the IQ of a Pom permits it to alter class, normally upgrading their present one. A nurse Pom can turn out to be a scholar, shifting from therapeutic and operating the clinic to constructing a library that opens up a secret later within the recreation in addition to boosting the stats of your little buddies.

community pom raising stats rpg

Raising the stats of your Poms is a bit repetitive, however the outcomes add so much to the gameplay.

Lulu’s adventures are the place your Pom rearing shines. Poms will also be introduced with you want a celebration, providing you with new attacking spells and mobility choices to let Lulu attain new locations on the map. The Poms are sometimes listless and go to sleep, so their assaults are extra of a neat gimmick than an enormous boon, however it’s enjoyable to have them round! Sometimes you need some guys following you, even when they don’t show you how to persistently. Make positive you don’t over-utilize them, nevertheless, as if a Pom fights an excessive amount of or doesn’t get fed, their karma will develop and so they’ll flip right into a Moom, an evil model of a Pom that does injury to the neighborhood. Defeating the Moom will save your Pom, however so long as you retain them fed and don’t overdo it with the fight, you don’t should sweat it an excessive amount of. At first blush, Community Pom’s mechanics generally is a little easy, however the meshing of fight, elevating, and neighborhood growth ties all of it collectively.

The music is one other method Pom knocks it out of the park. Numerous it’s impressed by different songs, fairly blatantly actually, however it’s so enjoyable that’s not a problem. The track that performs whilst you’re in cities is straight up “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire, however the remix is so cute it’s an earworm all by itself. The boss battle music can be a remix of the cliche “dun-dah-dun-dun-duuuuuuuun” melody, however with a little bit of a dancy vibe to it. The soundtrack’s use of different songs as inspiration is endearing, and it’s an everyday pay attention once I placed on recreation soundtracks. Community Pom borrows fairly a bit from a variety of issues, however it places an enormous spin on them to make it recent and compelling, even a few years after its launch.


The graphics are gentle and welcoming, like an 80’s kids’s anime or an image e book. The Poms’ design evokes Sanrio’s characters, instantly endearing and instilling a want to hug a plushie of 1. Complimenting that sucrose type is a script that’s persistently snarky. Lulu has fairly the mouth on her, reacting to most conditions with a sarcastic comment. You can inform she genuinely cares about individuals and Pom alike, however she’s additionally a lil stinker, and she or he usually carries the dialogue by way of her quips. NPCs typically even have fairly humorous traces as nicely, however Lulu’s reactions to the world round her make her a standout character.

We’d be with out this memorable dialogue if Community Pom didn’t get a fan translation final 12 months. The translation, a bunch effort by group LIPEMCO!, whose members are TheMajinZenki, cccmar, Supper, and Xanathis. Their work made the sport utterly playable in English, and likewise concerned translating the official guidebook, which could be discovered on Supper’s web site. This information assists with understanding the ins-and-outs of the expertise, and I’d advocate in case you’re considering making an attempt the sport to test the information out as nicely. A translation this good being free feels legal, and hopefully the crew at LIPEMCO! is aware of simply how nice a job they did.

Community Pom art book guide

There’s some nice artwork on the location as nicely, please do test it out!

When I performed by Community Pom for the primary time, I used to be fearful the visuals have been its solely saving grace. The solely particular person I’d seen speaking about it was an artist I adopted, and whereas visible aesthetics are cool, they’re not one thing I personally maintain to such a excessive regard. However, as I progressed, every thing fell into place, and I nicely and really fell in love with the sport. The polish and love poured into each a part of the sport endeared itself to me all through, and there’s nothing prefer it on Playstation, and even when its second to second fight is much like A Link to the Past, total there’s nothing else prefer it anyplace. Its look is classy, so after all artists can be drawn to it, however the gameplay, music, writing…It’s all wonderful, and I used to be hooked, and possibly would’ve been simply as hooked if Community Pom had launched right this moment.

It’s tough to search out any actual details about Community Pom on-line, particularly on the English-speaking net. This was a recreation that was launched, maybe loved by a strong quantity of Japanese gamers, however has most definitely not been considered a lot since. A crew of translators put an effort into giving it love, however mentioned translation additionally has fallen underneath the radar. This is a crying disgrace. Community Pom is a recreation that feels trendy in its sensibilities, has extra coronary heart than most video games on the market, an indie soul earlier than “indie” was a factor, and a fanbase that quietly holds it near its coronary heart. Now having gotten to play it, I’m a type of followers, and I implore you to provide Pom a shot. There’s some prefer it within the gameplay division, however there’s nothing like its vibe, cute and quirky as it’s.


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