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You’re Losing Customers: The Power of Providing Solutions

You’re Losing Customers: The Power of Providing Solutions


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You’re Losing Customers

The Power of Providing Solutions

It occurs too typically when an organization presents a service, not an answer. Imagine if you’ll for a second that you simply’re uncomfortable with leaving your private home, for no matter motive it’s merely higher and extra calming so that you can order issues and have them delivered to your private home.

You’ve seen {that a} specific merchandise that you possibly can use to assist with an issue in your house is lastly accessible for buy proper now. You purchase it and the postal supply service informs you that it’ll arrive in two days. You preserve your eye on the monitoring app and see that it’s being packed, and dispatched and ultimately, it shifts to the out-for-delivery standing. As you watch the app you see to your ire that the supply standing adjustments to ‘unable to deliver’ and that it’s returning to the distribution hub. You enquire about this and the automated response is that the supply shall be tried once more the next day. Fine.

The subsequent day you watch because the standing adjustments but once more to out-for-delivery and but once more frustratingly adjustments to ‘unable to deliver’, solely this time it says it has been rerouted to a pick-up level. Well, this isn’t what you needed, leaving your private home isn’t simple, however you do want this merchandise. You have a look at the place the pick-up level is and it’s in a totally completely different metropolis, you would wish to organise a automotive or a practice trip to get there. You resolve to ring the supply firm to investigate how this occurred and the way this may be solved. However the corporate solely presents a service, it doesn’t provide options. The supply firm acknowledges that your merchandise is certainly at that pick-up level, which is in a totally completely different metropolis than your private home tackle. When you enquire a few resolution, they recommend you complain to the corporate that you simply bought the merchandise from, and that they’ve fulfilled their service by delivering it to the absolute best location. The finish.

Inevitably you because the buyer, the viewers, are left with a foul expertise. You will possible attempt to keep away from this supply service sooner or later as a result of your drawback was not solved. In the top, you’re left powerless, and that’s by no means a great feeling.

And this isn’t the one such instance, sadly, many such tales contain supply companies, practice corporations, airways, vacation packages, restaurant experiences and plenty of extra.

What your viewers needs and wishes is a enterprise that gives options relatively a only a service. Providing an answer is what an engagement technique relies on. It is what promotes engagement, and your viewers shall be happier and really feel extra in management due to it. An answer that helps with (re-)engagement doesn’t should be costly, merely providing help, understanding, or transparency and readability about one thing is already a great begin.

So, what’s your engagement technique? Have you considered this? It’s not nearly what ‘service’ or expertise you’re providing your viewers, your prospects, however what resolution you’re giving them.

How typically are you dropping your prospects, your viewers, by merely providing a service relatively than an answer?

In this weblog article, I’ll discover the excellence between providing a service and delivering a complete resolution and the way this impacts your viewers’s engagement, retention and satisfaction with you and your model.

What is Your Engagement Strategy?

What we have to do first, earlier than we have a look at companies versus options, is to outline what an engagement technique is and what it entails. I’ll largely do that from the angle of how I craft such a technique right here at aeStranger utilizing the viewers engagement & expertise (or AEX) design methodology.

The method an engagement technique is created at aeStranger is through the use of the AEX 6*2 Quest design framework. It’s 6*2 as a result of it has six levels and inside every stage, there are two issues that you’ll want to obtain for the technique to work, or relatively so that you can have a profitable quest.

I’ll summarise the general framework, as the entire methodology would possible require a whole guide to completely discover.

The six levels of an engagement technique are thus:

1. Discovery & Introduction

I. Objective identification

Setting clear EPICQ targets, targets and KPIs, resembling CSATs, NPS and CLTVs.

II. Research & evaluation

Doing market analysis and viewers evaluation, determining the viewers expertise and doing the foundational work for figuring out the 3Ps in your viewers journey in addition to creating FABELs of your viewers.

2. Novus Status

I. Planning & Preparation

Resource identification and allocation, in addition to additional persona creation.

II. Messaging & content material technique

Mapping the viewers journey, touchpoints, emotional mapping, content material creation, content material alignment and content material personalisation.

3. Progress & Onboarding

I. Timeline & Planning

Crafting a timeline and motion plan with targets and milestones (TMRs), in addition to defining channels and platforms for producing consciousness.

II. Departure & Execution

Planning shall be full or close to completion of an MVP expertise, and all deliberate actions shall be executed based on the timeline.

4. Obstacles & Scaffolding

I. Trials & Challenges

Here the obstacles and trials of the viewers are monitored and/or adjusted, refined, and iterated upon.

II. Risk administration & quest design monitoring

Identifying any issues that come up from the MVP, figuring out mitigating methods and monitoring the progress of the expertise, in addition to reiteration of the expertise, if required.

5. Master & Feedback

I. Engagement & Adaption

The viewers has grow to be aware of the expertise, reward constructions are used and engagement and communication are promoted.

II. Monitoring & Evaluation

Tracking viewers progress, gathering suggestions, defining metrics, knowledge gathering and suggestions loops are established.

6. Endgame & Aftermath

I. Completion & Deliverables

Assessment of attaining the targets initially set out and delivering the ultimate product/service. Analysis and iterations if required for continued success.

II. Evaluation & Reflection

Analyzing the information, gathering suggestions, and reflecting on the strengths, weaknesses, and classes discovered. Incorporating the information right into a strategic coverage for continued success and/or iterating from Stage 1 once more.

This is a comparatively quick abstract and description of the aeStranger engagement technique framework.

It’s hopefully clear why companies must have a great engagement technique. Not solely due to the inherent objective of buying and retaining a loyal and paying viewers but in addition as a result of it offers you a transparent guiding coverage of what to do, what you are trying to do, why you’re doing it, how you’re executing it and at when or which factors you’re executing it. And that is completely different from merely simply having a plan.

As Roger Martin, the previous dean of the Rotman School of Management on the University of Toronto explains, setting a technique ought to push what you are promoting exterior of its consolation zone.

“Plans typically have to do with the resources you’re going to spend. Those are more comfortable because you control them,” Martin explains. “A strategy, on the other hand, specifies a competitive outcome that you wish to achieve, which involves customers wanting your product or service. The tricky thing about that is that you don’t control them.” – HBR

So a technique is an end result or objective that you simply wish to obtain, this goes for you and your viewers. And you don’t management it, as a result of, on the finish of the day, you’re interacting and basically collaborating along with your viewers. Let’s take a look at an instance that may higher illustrate this interplay.

Within the aeStranger newbie’s course on AEX Design, I’ve quite a lot of examples of corporations which have had very profitable engagement methods. One of the primary examples is from GoPro and their Hero8 marketing campaign, the place they managed to efficiently interact and work together with their viewers. The end result was that their viewers ended up creating hundreds of hours of content material for the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge marketing campaign.

In this marketing campaign, GoPro supplied one million {dollars} as a prize for the most effective user-generated content material, and that content material would even be used inside GoPro’s persevering with promotional materials. In quick, the engagement technique targeted on showcasing the Hero8 digital camera, getting their viewers to buy the digital camera and use it as meant, to seize wonderful adrenaline-inducing motion pictures, after which sharing these pictures with the world. And the extra perk or reward for sharing was a money prize and recognition. The reward for GoPro was elevated income, revenue and model consciousness, together with loyalty, viewers goodwill and optimistic word-of-mouth advertising and marketing.

And this is just one of many examples that exist, Harley Davidson, Apple, Amazon, Nike, Sephora and Spotify all have wildly profitable outcomes that leverage the identical strategies and ideas inside their engagement methods.

But how does the engagement technique enable you with creating an answer on your viewers relatively than simply providing a service?

The Service vs. Solution Dilemma

We must first actually perceive what the distinction is between a service and offering an answer. The elementary distinction lies within the method and end result of every:

What does providing a service entail:

  • Transactional: When a enterprise presents a service, it usually focuses on fulfilling a particular process or request for its viewers. The interplay is commonly very transactional, with the first objective being to finish the service as effectively, economically and shortly as attainable.
  • Narrow Scope: Services are inclined to have a narrower scope and so they could solely tackle a particular want or process. They are designed to carry out a selected perform or ship a particular outcome.
  • Semi-Audience-Centric: While companies could intention to satisfy viewers wants, the true emphasis is on the supply of the service itself, and the viewers’s involvement is normally restricted to simply receiving the service.
  • Short-Term: Service-oriented companies are inclined to prioritize short-term viewers satisfaction, their true focus is on finishing the fast process or service request.

So, what does it appear to be if you present an answer:

  • Holistic Approach: Providing an answer entails taking a extra complete and holistic method to addressing an viewers’s issues or wants. It appears to be like past the fast process and considers the broader context.
  • Full-Audience-Centric: Solution suppliers are deeply audience-centric, aiming to know the basis causes of an issue and tackle it in a method that gives long-term worth to their viewers.
  • Problem-Solving: Solutions intention to unravel the underlying drawback or meet the broader wants of the viewers. This may contain a number of companies, merchandise, or interventions to attain a significant end result.
  • Long-Term Relationship: Solution suppliers typically give attention to constructing long-term relationships with their viewers by constantly delivering worth and help. The emphasis is on ongoing engagement and partnership.
  • Customization: Solutions are sometimes tailor-made to the precise wants and circumstances of the viewers, offering a customized and way more related method.

To illustrate these completely different approaches, let’s use real-world examples. I’d want to maintain sure firm names out of it, however I’ll embody those that (a minimum of for me) have had an enduring optimistic impact.

The first instance is Amazon. Amazon as a rule does present an answer, when you have an merchandise you want to return, or it wasn’t delivered or is defective, their customer support does a great job of aiding you in organising the return of the merchandise, a substitute or just refunding. Naturally, they’re a big firm with many sources, however the help they provide is pleasant and understanding. They may have merely supplied a service, which may have been a chatbot that gives no help and leaves you with the defective merchandise that you must pay to return, and no thought in case you get a refund. But they opted for one which leaves a optimistic expertise with a struggling buyer.

Another instance of offering an answer relatively than a service is with Virgin Atlantic. The anecdote is {that a} passenger wrote an amusing however adverse overview of a curry meal for a flight from the UK to India. Rather than merely providing an empty apology and leaving it at that, Virgin Atlantic (and Richard Branson) sought out the person to realize suggestions on how the dish might be improved for all future passengers. In the case of this story, the person additionally ended up being on the Virgin Atlantic meals advisory board.

I hope that with these two examples, you can begin to see what the variations are between offering options over providing companies. Your enterprise ought to really give attention to delivering an answer tailor-made to your viewers’s wants. As I’ve said above, the truth that it’s personalised creates a beneficial perspective and an encouraging long-term relationship. It additionally results in your audiences recommending you to others with optimistic tales.

You merely can not ignore the consequence of not providing an answer to your viewers’s particular wants and points.

The Cost of Ignoring Solutions

A service-only technique is after all a way more cost-effective method, a lot of what you provide might be automated and also you solely want a particular focus level. Unfortunately, the implications of this are that your viewers will ultimately be alienated by this chilly and mechanical tactic. Your viewers isn’t essentially on the lookout for a friendship with you, however they do wish to really feel like their points and wishes are being served and solved by what you’re providing.

Let’s have a look at it from the angle of an instance, the place an trade has chosen to supply a service and is affected by the implications of that alternative and mindset. Very typically the transportation industries are sadly caught within the service-only mindset, I received’t go into why this can be the case, as the explanations are many and assorted.

But if we have a look at say the practice service suppliers in lots of European international locations. They are a required, wanted and needed amenity, nonetheless, they’ve chosen to easily be a service and never an answer supplier that might be a great different to vehicles or aeroplanes. I do acknowledge that the instance is simplified and minimises many points that these organisations battle with, however from the angle of the viewers, the implications of sustaining such a service-only mentality are very pronounced and detrimental.

Very typically the practice companies in some European nations should not good. They intention to supply the service of a practice that goes from A to B and nothing extra, the concept these trains might be counted on to run or to run on time seems to be a bonus, a minimum of from the viewpoint of many purchasers. When these prospects, the viewers, have a difficulty, drawback or criticism concerning the supplied service, they’re fairly often handled as an annoyance, and they need to merely be grateful that there’s a practice service in any respect.

The penalties of such a mentality are that you simply foment basic viewers dissatisfaction along with your principal income creation level, your ‘service’. This results in decrease buyer loyalty, the place your viewers will possible search options to your service. Negative word-of-mouth could happen as properly, which ends up in a aggressive drawback, and also you lose out on any cross- or upselling alternatives. All of this, as mentioned, causes misplaced income, which suggests much less funds and sources on your service, prices enhance as you attempt to keep your service and you’re unable to adapt to the altering wants of your viewers. In the top, it turns into a really vicious cycle that might spell your eventual demise.

But all of this may be averted in case you develop a technique that ensures that what you are promoting adopts a extra audience-centric method that goes past simply providing a service.

Embracing Solutions for Enhanced Engagement

In such a unstable and ever-changing world, viewers engagement continues to extend in significance. In unsure instances, your viewers needs to know that it’s being heard and understood, and due to this fact all of the profitable companies have already or are shifting from a service-centric mannequin to at least one that prioritizes options for his or her viewers.

Examples of organisations which have made this shift are many. Some have achieved it by together with their viewers extra of their model and targets, resembling Sephora and Nike. Others have made the shift by increasing their ecosystem to supply a number of options resembling Apple and Amazon. And others resembling Salesforce have gone from merely offering CRM software program to embodying buyer relations itself, by offering coaching, knowledge administration companies and extra.

Each of those companies determined to alter their method in order that they may align their targets with these of their viewers. So that they may interact them by offering particular options to their viewers’s issues.

But transitioning to a solution-oriented mindset and growing a robust viewers engagement technique requires some cautious planning and execution after all. If you’re contemplating this transition, then listed here are a couple of useful factors to contemplate together with the frameworks given above:

  • Have an audience-centric mindset. Start by altering the language and views inside your organisation in order that the viewers is central. Encourage everybody in what you are promoting to empathise with the viewers’s wants, and the challenges they face and attempt to collect as a lot suggestions out of your viewers as you possibly can.
  • Do a complete wants evaluation. When gathering suggestions, uncover what your viewers’s 3P’s are, their factors of function, curiosity and ache.
  • Changing organisational perspective could require some change administration by breaking down silos, selling collaboration and tradition change. Offering options requires cross-functional collaboration and a business-wide holistic method from the bottom up.
  • Tailored choices. What you provide have to be particularly tailor-made to the area of interest wants of your viewers, and that is achieved not by concentrating on a persona however by relatively a collective motivational driver and/or emotion.

The advantages of adjusting your organisational mindset are many. You will acquire a rise in your viewers satisfaction, as your now-tailored service will assist to unravel your viewers’s points. This implies that they are going to be extra loyal and also will suggest you to others.

Your viewers will recognise the worth that you’re providing as a result of they really feel understood and heard. This means naturally that can stick with you for longer, which in flip additionally means extra long-term income development for you as a enterprise.

Final ideas

To summarise what we’ve lined on this weblog article, a service is basically one thing that usually solely entails fulfilling a particular process or a request. An answer then again takes a way more audience-centric and problem-solving method. Solutions have the intention of addressing the underlying points and wishes of your viewers. And this does typically require a broader vary of sources and a long-term perspective however it’s value it. Businesses that present options are higher positioned to construct lasting relationships with their viewers, which fosters a robust loyalty to your model. And that is all as a result of you’ve gone past merely a transactional mannequin to at least one that creates significant and value-adding experiences.

Some of the important thing takeaways for you’re:

  • Understanding and resonating along with your viewers. A robust engagement technique begins with a deep understanding and empathy on your viewers’s wants, function, preferences, pursuits and ache factors.
  • Service versus Solution. All the companies do are to fulfil a bland, standardised and fast want. An answer tackles the basis trigger and ensures long-lasting satisfaction along with your viewers.
  • A service-only method has many penalties with factors of no return. This mindset can result in alienation, dissatisfaction, lack of loyalty, adverse model recognition and missed development and income.
  • The advantages of providing options reverse many of those penalties, creating long-lasting loyalty, optimistic word-of-mouth and everybody’s favorite, enhance in income and revenue.


In right now’s audience-centric panorama, prioritizing options will not be a alternative anymore; it’s an absolute necessity. Audiences anticipate companies to go the additional mile for them by understanding their wants and offering complete solutions to their issues. It’s not merely about assembly a requirement; it’s now about forging significant relationships, offering worth, inspiring loyalty, and making certain long-term success for each you and your viewers.

As such, I urge you and your companies to mirror in your present engagement methods. The path to improved viewers engagement and retention lies in reevaluating and adapting to a extra audience-centric mannequin. Cultivate a tradition change to considered one of nice viewers empathy. Research your viewers’s ache factors and personalise to your viewers’s wants. Embrace the shift from service to resolution.

The period of engagement is one the place companies not solely fulfil their viewers’s requests but in addition anticipate and supply options to their (unstated) wants. This is the place relationships flourish, loyalty is born, and sustained success is achieved. By prioritizing options and adopting an audience-centric mindset, what you are promoting can thrive on this new period of engagement.

So, my pricey reader, the time is now. Adapt, evolve, change and embark on the trail of audience-centric options and an improved viewers engagement technique. Your viewers, your model, and your backside line will thanks for it.

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I hope that this piece has given you some meals for thought and helped enhance your personal strategies or a minimum of supplied a distinct viewpoint to contemplate.

Do take a look at the opposite posts on æStranger.com, and do depart a remark or contact us when you have some concepts of your personal that you simply want to focus on or if you want to see different matters mentioned.

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