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2192: Monkeypox H3 Binder Design: Round 2

2192: Monkeypox H3 Binder Design: Round 2


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2192: Monkeypox H3 Binder Design: Round 2

Status: Active

Name: 2192: Monkeypox H3 Binder Design: Round 2
Status: Active
Created: 08/26/2022
Points: 100
Expires: 09/02/2022 – 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: Design a protein that may bind to the monkeypox H3 protein! AlphaFold predictions can be found on your designed binder. Once you’ve got designed a binder for the goal, add your resolution for AlphaFold utilizing the AlphaFold prediction software. AlphaFold will predict the construction of your binder chain solely (i.e. within the unbound state, within the absence of the goal). If you load this prediction, then Foldit will try to align the prediction along with your resolution (i.e. within the certain state, making an interface with the goal). If you proceed working off of the AlphaFold prediction, you could have to make changes on the interface the place the binder interacts with the goal.

The monkeypox H3 protein is displayed on the floor of the virus. The full position of H3 continues to be unclear, but it surely appears to be concerned within the recognition of human cells. A binder for H3 might be helpful for detecting monkeypox, and may even assist to dam an infection. Scientists have but to resolve the construction of the monkeypox H3 protein, though we do have a crystal construction of a associated protein from Vaccinia virus. The construction of the goal on this puzzle comes from an AlphaFold prediction of monkeypox H3.

In this puzzle, we have offered a portion of the H3 goal with a number of uncovered hydrophobic residues, which we predict can be good for binding. The spine and many of the sidechains are frozen, besides on the binding website, the place versatile sidechains are proven in shade. Players can design a brand new protein that may bind to those sidechains on the goal. In order to bind the goal, designs might want to make numerous hydrophobic contacts and fulfill any polar atoms which are buried on the interface. But designs may also have to have numerous secondary construction (helices or sheets) and a big core, in order that they fold up appropriately! See the puzzle feedback for Objective particulars.

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