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labyrinth – Are there any identified variants of this tabletop recreation?

labyrinth – Are there any identified variants of this tabletop recreation?


This paper-and-pencil recreation is claimed to be revealed in 1993, though it’s identified to be performed by tech college students since early 80’s.
Terra Incognita tabletop recreation is believed to stem from it.

The recreation is performed by at the least 1 participant and 1 host. First, a map of the world is created by a number, or generated by a pc. The map consists of at the least one flooring, surrounded by unbreakable (stable, or ‘capital’) partitions in every single place besides the entrances. At least one entrance should exist not blocked by any sort of wall, and reachable and traversable each from inside and outside of the map. The map consists of sq. cells, or tiles. There are 6 instructions the participant can select to go on his flip. The recreation is turn-based. He can select to both go north, south, west, east, up or down. Vertical instructions are solely out there when standing on stairs. The participant may additionally select to skip his flip. In that case, he both stays in place or teleports additional by the ‘nicely’ system (see beneath). There are several types of tiles out there, which apply completely different results on the participant.

The very primary tile is the stable floor, or empty tile. It does nothing and is the most secure one. It additionally accommodates nothing, aside from the instances when gamers have dropped something in it, or when a participant was killed on it. There are additionally rivers, river mouths, wells, chasms and bases and stairs.

Rivers transfer the participant two tiles forward in opposition to his will each time he enters it, till he reaches the river mouth. The participant might decide to maneuver backwards by the river, however the precise transfer won’t take motion. Moving additional forward by the river is allowed and doable. If the participant opts to skip his flip whereas within the river, it counts as first coming into it (falling inside) and strikes him by 2 extra cells alongside the present. River mouths are tiles which don’t transfer you anymore, however you’ll be able to solely escape the mouth by transferring sideways. Climbing out from the mouth alongside the present is allowed, however won’t take motion.
Wells are teleports. Entering the nicely strikes you to the following nicely of that system. There will be a number of nicely methods on the map. The final nicely within the system returns you to the primary.
Chasms transfer the participant one flooring beneath. There will be one other chasm beneath the primary one. Therefore, the participant can’t know what number of flooring did he fell by way of. All chasms will need to have a “basis” tile beneath it. One-floor maps wouldn’t have any chasms or foundations (additionally referred to as bases).

Tiles will be divided by partitions. There are stable partitions, and breakable ones. Walls can’t divide the rivers. A breakable wall turns right into a damaged one after somebody demolishes it. Players have no idea the place the partitions are situated till they attempt to cross them.

Players are allowed to make notes as for the map found to this point, however should not allowed to share their map fragments. Most rivers, wells and chasms will carry ambiguity as to the participant’s whereabouts, due to this fact, he has to make notes and attempt to uncover the proper topology by revisiting it.

The purpose of the sport is to search out the treasure (the one tile on complete map which has this attribute) and escape the labyrinth. When taking part in with greater than 1 participant, others will attempt to find you and shot you to demise, attempting to steal the treasure from you. All gamers are conscious of one another’s strikes and the host’s responses. Therefore, you often maintain notes not solely of your strikes, but additionally strive deducing the map from different’s strikes as nicely.

There are 3 particular sort of tiles which grant you sources: mine arsenal, ammunition, and medkit. Each participant can carry as much as 3 mines, 5 bullets, and has 3 well being factors. Mines are used to demolish breakable partitions. Shots could also be carried out in any of the 4 instructions. And well being is totally regenerated when standing on medkit.

The recreation ends when one of many gamers have efficiently reached the exit carrying the treasure with him. The typical map dimension is 10x10x3, which means there are 3 flooring, 10 by 10 tiles every, plus the doorway tiles that are exterior the map space.
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