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308 – Swords and Sorcery

308 – Swords and Sorcery


Join Ric, The Drisk and Kingy as they chat about a few of their favorite sword yielding and magic wafting video games.  This is not deep RPG type video games however extra an episode on simple accessible and extremely playable titles inside the sub-genre.


Games on this episode:

  1. Moonstone (Amiga)
  2. Myth (Amiga)
  3. Magic Sword (Arcade)
  4. Twinkle Tale (Mega Dive)
  5. Ice Palace (C64)
  6. Heretic (PC)

Show notes:

Steering wheel config video for mixed pedals as talked about by Kingy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_q1nfvcsHI&t=111s


Moonstone modded for PC – https://thecompany.pl/recreation/Moonstone:+A+Hard+Days+Knight

Moonstone Tavern – http://moonstonetavern.co.uk/

Moonstone proof of idea remake in 3d – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhtabGmcbpw






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