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magic the gathering – MTG – Can an already tapped creature assault beneath sure circumstances?

I used to be presently taking part in MTG Arena the place it got here to a state of affairs I don’t fairly perceive.

I had 3 lives left and a Authority of the consuls on the board. My opponent had a Den of the bugbear on the board and paid the one purple and three colorless mana in order that it turned a creature and attacked.

This triggered my Authority of the consuls since a brand new creature got here into play and due to Authority of the consuls it comes tapped into play.

I then misplaced as a result of the created Goblin token additionally attacked.

So my query is why was the Goblin token in a position to assault, when it was tapped? It was clearly affacted by my Authority of the consuls since I received that one life. I do know that “comes into play attacking” will not be the identical as haste however so far as I do know a tapped creature can not assault.

Is there a definitive ruling?



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