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Absolutely Brilliant: The Very Best Of Codemasters’ Simulator Games On Antstream Arcade

Starting with BMX Simulator on the Commodore 64 in 1986, Codemasters rapidly turned a powerhouse of the UK pc recreation scene. With its intelligent promotional powers and low cost but participating software program, Codies launched many classics to nice success all through the Eighties and early Nineties, typically for a pocket-money-friendly value of simply £1.99. That first recreation, BMX Simulator, additionally instigated Codemasters’ Simulator video games, a sequence of releases loosely tied to the idea of simulation. Join us as we run via the perfect of those video games obtainable to stream, without cost, on Antstream Arcade, with added feedback from the unique Codemasters blurb. Absolutely Brilliant!

BMX Simulator – 1986

Let’s hit the pedals for the primary Simulator recreation from Codemasters, coded by founder Richard Darling himself. Taking place on a number of dust tracks, every race options two bikes pitched in opposition to one another over three laps of every respective circuit. Polished and enjoyable, BMX Simulator set the template for the Simulator sequence.

What Codies Said: “AMAZING REALISM – the burms, bumps and ramps really work – seven different courses, each one harder. Two-player option and fantastic ACTION REPLAY option with SLO-MO – all make this the best BMX game yet!”

Grand Prix Simulator – 1987

Following the success of BMX Simulator, Codemasters quickly started to discover an enlargement of the Simulator model. Step ahead The Oliver Twins, contemporary from the success of Dizzy. While it might be one thing of an – erm – homage to the traditional arcade recreation Super Sprint, Grand Prix Simulator is a high-quality recreation in its personal proper and incorporates an enormous 14 circuits to race round.

What Codies Said: “AMAZING PLAYABILITY!!! – features a very competitive two-player option. 14 Cunningly devised circuits – under bridges – through oil patches – power sliding around corners – trying to beat the other drivers and the lap record!”

Fruit Machine Simulator – 1987

Fruit machine videogames was one of many more unusual genres again within the Eighties, and Codemasters wasted no time placing its personal model out as a part of the Simulator sequence. Featuring quite a lot of choices and mechanics, it’s a enjoyable recreation – however the place does the cash come out?!

What Codies Said: “The first real Fruit Machine Simulator including: cash box, nudge box (with Compu-Nudge and Nudge Bank), skill climb, winning streak, cash gamble, holds and mega-holds, skill chances and party time meter!”

Advanced Pinball Simulator – 1988

Pinball video games have all the time been widespread on house computer systems, and Codemasters not-so-subtly shoehorned its stab on the style into the Simulator sequence. Created as soon as extra by The Oliver Twins, it is a vibrant and entertaining pinball simulation.

What Codies Said: “A fast, furious and incredibly addictive pinball game featuring trapdoors, rollover lanes, mega-bumpers, 4 flippers, bonus lanes, extra balls, ball trap, mystery tube, realistic movement and MUCH MORE!”

Pub Trivia Simulator – 1989

Having simulated fruit machines, the pub trivia machine was the subsequent goal for Codemasters. After selecting an avatar, it’s onto the sport board as gamers try to achieve the pyramid’s summit by answering questions on pop music, showbiz, sport and extra. Over 30 years later, there’s a candy Eighties really feel to those questions that’ll problem the younger ‘uns!

What Codies Said: “An incredible 2000 questions, sport, pop music, showbiz, and mystery joker cards. Brilliant graphics and music – all the features! All the questions! All the categories! Just like the real thing! Absolutely Brilliant!”

SAS Combat Simulator – 1989

By 1989 it appeared that Codemasters have been bolting the Simulator model onto virtually any recreation it launched – sport-based or in any other case. With the run ‘n’ gun style nonetheless proving widespread, this shooter was given a Simulator sheen, apparently representing actual life as a SAS soldier. Not probably the most practical of the sequence, however nonetheless completely sensible enjoyable!

What Codies Said: “ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE PLAYABILITY! Adrenalin pumping action – use grenades, machine guns, tanks, jeeps… wade thru swamps, hand-to-hand combat, brilliant overhead action, side view action, ALL ACTION!”

Super Tank Simulator – 1989

Ever questioned what it’s like driving a suped-up tank throughout a lethal warzone suffering from enemies, all intent on blowing you up? Well, marvel no extra, as you may play Codemasters’ Super Tank Simulator, without cost, on Antstream Arcade!

What Codies Said: “8 war-torn battle zones! Includes jungle warfare, minefields, bouncing bullets and UXBs, frantic 8-way scrolling action. Helicopter gunships, jeeps, enemy tanks, armoured cars. And with missile launchers, gun emplacements, and snipers, this game has everything!!!”

Pro Powerboat Simulator – 1990

As the Nineties dawned, the Simulator sequence was nonetheless going sturdy. Pro Powerboard Simulator thrusts the participant behind the wheel of a streamlined pace boat, racing in opposition to or with a pal. Available on Commodore 64, Spectrum and Amiga on the completely sensible Antstream Arcade!!

What Codies Said: “WOW – REAL POWERBOAT RACING! Choose from catamaran or monohull craft- simultaneous two-player action – work as a team or individually. Full throttle – over the jump – avoid the helicopters, depth charges, police boats, hovercraft, whirlpools, BRILLIANT! Ram your mate onto the rocks! Ahhh! Made it! Now it’s onto night racing…”

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