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There is a technique known as (highest) useful resource technique in Catan. That is, construct your preliminary settlements on hexes the place the sum of the favorable die rolls is a most. That assumes 1) that each one sources are about equal in worth, and a couple of) an ample useful resource is as priceless (or almost so) as a scarce useful resource. But each of those assumptions appear counterintuitive.

In this video, a you tuber opined that “one ore > two sheep.” That is, he would construct his second settlement on a website with much less ore than sheep, as a result of the previous is extra priceless. This particular person has been running a blog and enjoying for a while, so I assume that he’s at the least “considerably” skilled. His view additionally corresponds with my very own tough calculations that the relative worth of sources is: ore, 5, wheat 4, wooden and brick, 3, and sheep 2. Taking the bottom of three for brick wooden, I give you worth coefficients of 1.6, 1.3, and 0.7 for ore, wheat, and sheep respectively. I then multiply this vector by the values of ore, wheat and sheep to give you a “dot product” that provides me an adjusted useful resource worth. In this instance, an ore hex with two die rolls is price greater than a sheep hex with 4 die rolls, as a result of 2 x 1.6 (=3.2) >4×0.7 (=2.8).

Do any programs or specialists “re-weight” sources utilizing an algorithm just like mine after which select intersections for early settlements accordingly?



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