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arithmetic – Three rectangular shapes

arithmetic – Three rectangular shapes


The rectangular shapes are …

… the flags of Monaco, Indonesia and Poland.

Ligue 1 is the soccer (soccer) prime flight of France, however it additionally contains golf equipment from Monaco, notably AS Monaco. Liga 1 is the highest division of a number of international locations, amongst them Indonesia.

The flags of Monaco and Indonesia have the same design of two horizontal stripes, purple (A) on prime and white (B) on the backside, so the final flag should be the flag of Poland, which has white on prime and purple on the backside.

The flags have completely different proportions: Monaco’s flag has 4:5; Indonesia’s flag has 2:3 and Poland’s flag has 5:8. That makes the width of Indonesia’s flag 15 items.

The prime soccer division of Poland is the Ekstraklasa.

The equations consult with …

… bands. Pink Floyd was based in 1965. Pink is a mexture of purple (A) and white (B). White Zombie was based in 1985. Finally, the Red Hot Chili Peppers had been based in 1983.

To wrap up, the symbols are:

X = 15
Y = Ekstraklasa
Z = Hot Chili Peppers

A = purple
B = white



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