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To cite one other designer I do know, the reply to your query is “Greater than you assume however (maybe) not within the methods you’re hoping for.” DMs and sport designers each start from the identical place to begin – the aim is to craft an expertise for the gamers. From there, there are a number of abilities that may cross over:

What I do have is a very particular set of skills...ALT
  • Creating maps and dungeons contain stage design. How do placement and sorts of rooms inform a narrative? Why ought to there be traps within the kobold barracks? How must you juggle lure and object placement, the structure of the house in a approach that makes intuitive sense (e.g. a goblin base), and nonetheless is enjoyable and fascinating to discover?
  • Creating characters and general story beats contain narrative and quest design. What sort of personalities do these characters have? Is there a story arc? What are the foremost story beats? How do the potential decisions of the participant have an effect on the world round them?
  • Establishing fights with enemies, traps, puzzles, and so on. entails encounter design. How difficult ought to the struggle be? What are fascinating combos of enemies? How sturdy ought to every of the enemies be?
  • Creating fascinating loot is merchandise/reward design. What sort of loot do you give the participant? The place does it get handed out? How a lot gold ought to they get? How sturdy ought to the objects they discover be?
Proper preparation prevents poor performance  -- PelosiALT

General it’s the Dungeon Grasp preparation abilities are inclined to translate to online game design in a number of points. Reside Dungeon Mastering bits of reacting to gamers in actual time aren’t as helpful as a result of we don’t get to make changes in actual time – we now have to construct the sport beforehand, which the gamers play with out us with the ability to watch over their shoulders or fudge their rolls to assist them out of tight spots. The primary helpful talent from dwell play changes is determining the place the planning went incorrect and fixing these points systemically so that they don’t occur once more.

Gromit laying railroad tracksALT

A lot of online game design is railroading gamers into having the expertise you need them to have. That is mandatory as a result of we can’t alter to their needs on the fly, neither is it possible to organize for all the pieces a participant may ever do. The necessary talent is figuring out what most gamers will wish to do and making ready for these situations and directing them to converge in a approach that results in a satisfying expertise general. Good sport designers are more proficient at hiding these railroad tracks.

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