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Beginner information to desktop controller enter? – cocos2d-x

whats up,
I’ve search rather a lot in google and this discussion board about enter a gamepad controller, however didn’t actually succed to comply with really make it work. Some subject are very previous, and another have snippets of code that didn’t actually assist.
Can somebody present some newbie code to make it work please? I attempted with a quite simple check. All I would like is to see if the occasion is triggered after I press down one thing.

#embrace <CCGameController.h>


void Player::gamePadListener()

	auto eventListenerController = EventListenerController::create();

	eventListenerController->onKeyDown = [=](cocos2d::Controller* controller, int key_code, cocos2d::Event* evt) {
        CCLOG("gamepad key pressed %i", key_code);

	this->_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(eventListenerController, this);


I get the next:

ControllerImpl: Could not discover a button enter map for controller: Xbox Controller
ControllerImpl: Could not discover an axis enter map for controller: Xbox Controller

Does that signifies that it solely works with an Xbox Controller or am I doing one thing fallacious? I’ve tried this with 2 controllers: one, the xbox one wi-fi controller, an two a nacom controller (so a random controller).

Can somebody present some “guide for dummys” . Many subject about it appear to be already within the assumptions on how all this works. How can we make any controller work on home windows, mac or linux?? is that this too advanced to attain with cocos2dx? Because clearly, each person have a special sort of controller. I’m even taking part in video games with the ps5 controller on laptop.

And one very last thing. They keyboard occasion listener works completely high-quality. I’ve somthing like this

void Player::createEventListenerKeyboard()
	auto eventListenerKeyboard = EventListenerKeyboard::create();  // hacer attr privado?
	eventListenerKeyboard->onKeyPressed = [=](EventKeyboard::KeyCode code, Event* occasion) {
        //....some code
	this->_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(eventListenerKeyboard, GameGlobals::playerSprite);

my query is in regards to the final line.

	this->_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(eventListenerKeyboard, GameGlobals::playerSprite);

if return to the controller code and do that

// this does not crash
// this->_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(eventListenerController, this);  

// this crashes
this->_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(eventListenerController, GameGlobals::playerSprite);

then the sport crashes earlier than it begins with the error

Program: ...inbinspaceShooter_0.1DebugspaceShooter_0.1.exe
Line: 504

Expression: listener && node

For info on how your program could cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

so why utilizing GameGlobals::playerSprite crashes for the controller, however works high-quality within the keyboard?

Any, I hope somebody shed some gentle on this as a result of I’m about to publish my first sport and I can’t if I don’t determine all this.

thanks upfront



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