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Blaugust2022 – Appreciating LeftTube – Indiecator

So, I didn’t actually put up something for the “Creative Appreciation Week” but as I deliberate on doing that on the weekend… however then I labored on different posts, a few of which felt extra “urgent” or I simply wished to speak about them sooner. At the identical time, I additionally wanted a bit extra time to compile a great record of individuals to showcase on this put up.

Creative Appreciation Week is a themed week that’s a part of the at present ongoing #Blaugust2022 occasion. Previously, this was “Developer Appreciation Week” or “Creator Appreciation Week” or one thing alongside these traces however in essence, it’s about “showing appreciation for the things and creators that we love”, it doesn’t matter what form of stuff they create or issues these are. So, from authors, musicians, and artists to builders, bloggers, YouTubers, streamers, and different folks… let’s recognize some.

For this Blaugust’s Creative Appreciation Week, I wished to showcase creators from a aspect of YouTube that I began to observe loads of this 12 months: LeftTube. I’ll clarify a bit extra later however because the title suggests, a few of that is considerably political. If you’re not into that, that’s completely legitimate. Personally, I’m very a lot into politics and philosophy, so I watch left-wing creators and benefit from the subjects which might be mentioned.

Also, Table of Contents! Because I like giving folks the choice to only skip to sure headings. Hope that is good. I figured I ought to kinda clarify what that is about… however I additionally know that some folks simply don’t care about that in any respect and that you could be be extra within the precise creators.

Obviously, there are various extra creators within the LeftTube sphere however for this put up, I wished to concentrate on those I watch rather a lot. Hence, I picked out my three favourites as a result of they’re extremely distinctive of their model and extra importantly as a result of they discuss totally different subjects.

More importantly, via these folks’s movies, you’ll most probably be launched to many different creators (both via YouTube’s algorithm or via these folks’s private suggestions), so I don’t wish to take away too… additionally, this put up is lengthy as it’s and I don’t wanna spend any extra time modifying this.

  1. What is “LeftTube”?
  2. Different Flavours of “Left”
  3. Great People incoming!
    1. Shaun
    2. F.D. Signifier
    3. Noah Samsen
  4. Conclusion

What is “LeftTube”?

At its core, LeftTube is a unfastened group of creators on YouTube (and Twitch) that discuss quite a lot of subjects from a left-wing perspective.

There can also be the time period “BreadTube” which is a reference to Anarchist Peter Kropotkin’s 1892 e book, “The Conquest of Bread”.

“LeftTube” and “BreadTube” are sometimes used synonymously. In actuality, although, it appears that evidently some elements of the unfastened group have developed into totally different instructions, so I don’t actually know the place folks stand politically or what kind of “left” they consider in.

Due to that, I can say that I take pleasure in most movies/opinions however I don’t like all of them or agree with all of them.

Different Flavours of “Left”

One massive concern right here is that as talked about above, there are loads of totally different sorts of “Left”.

You can’t simply clarify what “left” or “right” is by shifting on one axis and pinpointing particular areas on a spectrum that folks fall beneath. Rather, it’s extra of a compass. There are clearly “Left” and “Right” on the horizontal axis. At the identical time, although, there are additionally “Authoritarian” and “Libertarian” on the vertical axis.

As such, each Stalin and Chomsky (for instance) are on the “left” however in line with this graphic that I discovered on google, Stalin and Chomsky are full opposites. This graphic right here doesn’t need to be appropriate both however it’s a great picture to clarify the political compass and variations.

And you are able to do this as nicely with economics, I consider, however that’s not the purpose I wish to make.

The level I wish to make is that there are various totally different sorts of “left” and each particular person has their very own form of flavour. Personally, I need folks to have the identical rights regardless of who they’re. I additionally suppose that capitalism is dangerous… however I don’t see how we might presumably escape it.

I’m not essentially the most educated on the matter, although, and I would like to tell myself extra as time goes on however on this put up, I mainly received’t get into any of this. I’m in opposition to a few of the “left-wing” opinions as a result of they conflict with my values. Similarly, I discover extremism dangerous it doesn’t matter what aspect it’s on.

So, for those who discover any issues voiced by a few of the following folks questionable, perceive that I both don’t have an opinion on that or that I don’t agree with it essentially. I similar to their model and loads of what they do and say. Not essentially all of it… however loads of it.

Great People incoming!


Shaun is a British Youtuber that uploads video essays about quite a lot of subjects. I consider the primary video that I noticed by him was one the place he talked about all types of problematic issues from Harry Potter after having learn all of them (only for that video) and his accent, mannerisms, and simply the calmness of his voice actually resonated with me, so I subscribed to him.

Every video by him has minimal modifying and it doesn’t actually depend on any of that to be entertaining. He’s an extremely droll human speaking about issues and I simply can’t assist however be in awe of his essays and the way well-written his scripts are.

On high of that, he stays civil via all of his movies and is ready to dissect arguments with out placing down others, which is simply beautiful for my part. And after all, as a Lich, I must assist a speaking skeleton head on YouTube.

F.D. Signifier

F.D. Signifier is an American YouTuber that primarily does video essays on black motion pictures and media in addition to sociological subjects which might be usually an excessive amount of to understand for me when I attempt to get into them… however he explains them slightly nicely, for my part.

Personally, I actually take pleasure in F.D.’s model rather a lot due to how he explains subjects and the way he tries to offer context and definitions earlier than stepping into the meat of issues. I consider that political content material usually has the problem that folks new to it might not have learn the e book or the idea that some theories are primarily based on and therefore new viewers could wrestle to know what’s being talked about.

Still, F.D. Signifier’s effort goes a good distance. When speaking about nihilism and edgelords in his “Dissecting the Manosphere” video, as an illustration, he talked about Batman and defined a few of the massive phrases utilizing an instance that I personally can perceive rather a lot.

On high of that, I actually recognize how he offers a Black perspective on loads of points that he discusses, one thing that’s usually uncared for. When speaking about fragile masculinity, folks most frequently discuss women and men however don’t realise that there’s extra to it, particularly with the variations between white environments and black environments that happen due to systematic racism.

Anyway, simply go watch F.D. Signifier already. And whilst you’re at it, try his less-scripted B-Sides channel over right here!

Noah Samsen

Noah Samsen can also be an American YouTuber however in distinction to the earlier two channels, his movies are much more edited and extra “meme-y” if that is sensible. Still, the subjects he talks about are extremely well-scripted and well-thought-out.

While Shaun does loads of analysis and whereas F.D. is aware of rather a lot about sociology and philosophy, Noah feels extra relatable to me by way of the language he makes use of when discussing particular subjects.

That’s to not say that he doesn’t know stuff… He is aware of a lot and I’m in awe due to it provided that Noah’s solely a 12 months older than me…

But I like his takes on fragile masculinity, the manosphere, radicalization, and lots of different subjects.

The first video I watched by him was “Critical Race Theory: Manufactured Outrage”, a video wherein he explains why persons are so mad about CRT and the way that rage is because of a lie… however he additionally has many different nice movies that I can extremely suggest. Just decide any of them and also you’ll most probably take pleasure in them.


This put up is already fairly lengthy, so I wished to speak about a couple of extra issues…

First of all: If you don’t like these, that’s superb. If you don’t agree with my political opinion, that’s superb, too. If you’re, nevertheless, somebody that goes out of their strategy to assault others, be it due to bigotry or every other motive, don’t. Stop that. That’s not good.

Second of all: Noah Samsen made this beautiful playlist right here referred to as “Manosphere Deprogramming“. It showcases loads of nice content material creators speaking concerning the Manosphere and why they’re problematic… whereas additionally giving legitimate opinions and counter-options to the Manosphere. I extremely suggest checking that out and perhaps you’ll discover some good channels within the course of, too.

Thirdly: Noah Samsen additionally made “A Practical Guide to Leftist YouTube“, speaking about all types of creators. I extremely suggest checking that out for those who wanna find out about the place folks stand politically and stuff in addition to what kind of content material they produce.

That’s all. Thanks for studying up so far. Appreciate you!

This put up was first printed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and wish to see extra, you may test me out on Twitch and YouTube as nicely.



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