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MTG: Here’s The 2023 Magic Lineup – Oops All Phyrexians

At WotC Presents, we obtained a have a look at each upcoming Magic set for 2023, in addition to 40K and Dr. Who universes past!

It has been one of many greatest years but for Wizards of the Coast, and particularly for Magic: the Gathering, which makes up some 70-80% of WotC’s income. So at this week’s Wizards Presents, Magic had rather a lot to point out off. Everything from Universes Beyond, to Dominaria United, however most significantly, we obtained a have a look at each set coming in 2023.

And there’s rather a lot to look ahead to. Let’s check out the Magic 2023 Lineup.

Magic 2023 Lineup

First up, Dominaria United, which ramps up the Phyrexian Arc. Or so they are saying. This is a serious story arc for Magic, which follows the voyages of the Phyrexian Praetors, having completed their totally different aims throughout the multiverse.

And now Dominaria faces the specter of a complicated Phyrexian military. Which brings us to the Brother’s War. Hot on the heels of Dominaria United, we return in time to take a look at the battle between Urza and Mishra. So prepare for artifacts.

Then in Phyrexia: All can be One and March of the Machine: the Aftermath the conclusion involves a head. The multiverse’s planeswalkers band collectively to combat the Phyrexians, and as they get able to combat their infinity conflict, we now have to surprise what the endgame will appear to be.

Don’t a lot take care of these oily Phyrexians? Fall takes us again to Eldraine for some scrumptious horror, then to the Lost Caverns of Ixalan.


A Look At Universes Beyond

But we additionally obtained some glimpses of what awaits us in two of the upcoming Universes Beyond units. Warhammer 40K has been coming for a very long time now, it appears like. Though who can say what time is anymore in 2022, the place we are able to look all the way in which again in direction of the start of the universe.

And within the grim darkness of the distant future, there are themed Sol Rings for each deck.

And then afterward, we go to the unique Planeswalker. The Lord of Time in all their varieties: the Doctor. Here’s a style of Dr. Who x Magic:

All this within the coming yr!




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