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Bombs and Bullets – a 2D RTS impressed by Command and Conquer

:: BnB ::
dev :: Commander Rad
instruments :: Love2D, Blender, Spine, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, QGIS
net ::
progress ::
+ Flow map work is completed transferring on to bug fixing section
+ Options and credit screens added.
+ Options at the moment has quantity and full display screen controls
+ Temp repair for textual content being too small by upping the scale of all 4 commonplace fonts.
– This will create some UI glitches, we’ll repair em’ later.
+ Decals can now override a tile’s terrain stat
–¬† means a street decal positioned on a dust tile could be overridden to have asphalt terrain as an alternative of grime
+ Tiles now have a ‘cleared’ function, the place a tile’s props, often vegetation, could be cleared.
+ Added a music playlist operate. Different environments can play from particular playlists.
+ All songs modified from wav to mp3s to avoid wasting house.
+ Added M113 Medivac unit
+ Completely overhauled vehicular pricing, well being, armor sort, chassis sort, and tags.
+ World map can now be browsed seamlessly at every degree. (see vid)
– Next week, we’ll be including some options that’s going to make map creation very quick and automatable.
– Every little sq. in that vid may very well be a map.
+ Just gonna maintain hammering out these items and buildings
+ YouTube channel soundtrack playlist is right here:

+ Version 0.07 launched and is on the market right here:
– For people who want to use the AGDG recap, its right here:



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