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Retronauts Episode 495: The Lemmings collection

Retronauts Episode 495: The Lemmings collection


Watch your step whereas listening to this present, please

Lemmings. They’re an actual animal on our planet, however people have just a few humorous concepts about what they do. They don’t heedlessly march en masse off of cliffs to their deaths, however they do leap into the water to swim when migrating, and never each lemming survives the journey.

Yet in 1991, the oldsters at DMA Design had an concept for a online game the place the participant needed to handle a crowd of tiny creatures who heedlessly march en masse throughout the display. They gave them an anthropomorphic look, however they named these poor souls—and the sport they starred inLemmings. Regardless of the inaccuracies, Lemmings grew to become fashionable and would proceed marching throughout PCs and consoles for many years to return.

Three years in the past, we coated the unique Lemmings and included an interview with one of many males liable for designing the primary recreation. This week, host Stuart Gipp and visitor Dave Bulmer dissect the ups and downs of your complete Lemmings collection. Needless to say, they’re massive followers of the idea, though in discussing the various different entries through the years, they really feel plenty of releases ought to have merely been allowed to fall into the ocean.

Description: Join Stuart Gipp and grasp of remembering Dave Bulmer as they cling to their respective parasols and float down the Lemmings gameography, taking in classics, missteps, and peculiar selections that repay.

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Artwork for this episode by Leeann Hamilton and enhancing thanks go to Greg Leahy.



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