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Boycott the World Cup – Qatar 2022 – Indiecator


I’ve by no means actually been into soccer or something and by no means actually cared concerning the world cup – however I wished to write down a little bit of a put up on the present World Cup that’s going to be hosted in Qatar, the primary nation within the center east to host the world cup… a rustic with strict “Sharia” legal guidelines and lots of human rights violations… a rustic that wasn’t and nonetheless isn’t suited to host a sports activities occasion like this and that bribed its means into the election course of to principally use the world cup to enhance its personal picture.

This put up is political.

Content Warnings

Soccer isn’t political however this put up isn’t about soccer… it’s about Qatar and the way FIFA helps Qatar distract from modern-day slavery and the oppression of LGBTQIA+ members and girls. It’s about Corruption, Dictators, Slavery in 2022, Brutality and Whips getting used to punish individuals, Sexism, Sexual Assault, Climate Change, and a white dude telling everybody how they will’t choose Qatar for all of these things.

That’s your content material warning. This put up is about 4300 phrases lengthy and takes (in line with WordPress) 23 minutes to learn.

If you don’t have the time for that, break up the put up or do your individual analysis. I even included a TLDR.

There are articles listed to offer you extra insights on the subject. This put up took me ages to write down but it surely’s lastly out and I hope it spreads consciousness. There is extra to the subject than simply this.

At final, in case you don’t have the spoons for a subject this huge… don’t learn this put up. Again, big content material warnings. Horrible stuff.

  1. TLDR
  2. Qatar, a dictatorship
  3. Qatar doesn’t give a fuck about human rights
    1. Slavery in Qatar
  4. LGBT rights in Qatar
    1. Qatar “welcomes” everybody
  5. Women’s rights
  6. All Hope Lost within the Climate Crisis
  7. Gianni Infantino is all for Slavery
    1. Moral Hypocrisy
  8. Conclusion


Since this is a crucial matter and since it is a longer put up, right here’s a TLDR model:

The world cup has already began by the point this put up is out and albeit, it’s horrible that it nonetheless will get defended by the FIFA with bullshit arguments. Hence, whilst you can’t cease the world cup anymore, I need everybody that watches the world cup to really feel extremely unhealthy whereas doing so. It doesn’t matter if six or six thousand individuals died constructing these stadiums. It doesn’t matter how a lot Qatar’s management paid for it. It shouldn’t matter no less than. According to FIFA, although, we will’t choose them for no matter cause.

This is an occasion hosted via the facility of blood cash and it’s an occasion hosted because of bribery, deeply rooted corruption, and atrocities dedicated by people that say issues like “we’re welcoming everybody as long they respect our culture” and who attempt to enhance their picture by internet hosting this occasion in order that the world forgets about all of the lives misplaced within the course of and about the best way LGBTQIA+ individuals and girls are handled right here.

The nation is extremely controversial not because of its faith (because the chief of Qatar needs you to suppose) however relatively because of its perverse interpretation of it and the best way it tries to resolve each “problem” with cash. These “problems” embrace homosexuality. Women don’t have rights. Lots of people get imprisoned for criticizing the management or voicing issues.

On high of that, Qatar exploits poor migrant employees from different nations, takes away their passports, treats them horrible, and doesn’t even pay them. Modern-Day Slavery, Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is the world we stay in the place a girl can get raped and obtain whip lashes as punishment for extra-marital intercourse. More on that later.

This is the world we stay in the place slavery can’t be criticized as a result of Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, thinks that we as Europeans are being hypocrites. According to him, what I’m calling “slavery” is definitely “an opportunity”. Anyone that disagrees clearly hates Islam and Arabia, in line with him. he additionally understands how homosexual individuals and disabled individuals really feel as a result of he was bullied at school for being red-haired. Let that sink in. More on that later.

The TLDR quantities to “Fuck Qatar, Fuck FIFA, Fuck the World Cup, Fuck Gianni Infantino and Fuck Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani”, principally.

Qatar, a dictatorship

While technically being a “parliamentary authoritarian monarchy”, Qatar reveals extra indicators of a dictatorship than the rest. The chief or Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, holds all govt and legislative authority within the nation whereas additionally controlling the judiciary. He appoints ministers and the “parliament”.

There is a “Consultative Assembly” that’s partially elected that may block laws and has a restricted capability to dismiss ministers… however since no events might be fashioned and since individuals can go to jail for criticizing the federal government aka the Emir of Qatar,… yeah. You simply can’t do something actually.

The Consultative Assembly aka “Shura Council” is the legislative physique of the State of Qatar with 45 members who can solely query the prime minister (appointed by the Emir of Qatar) if two-thirds of the members agree to take action. Guess what? 30 members are elected and 15 are appointed by the Emir.

On high of that, a number of the elections that have been speculated to occur prior to now… simply… didn’t occur… they received postponed a number of the occasions because of some causes that I couldn’t discover something (official) about. But when elections are post-poned like this, you’d most likely suppose they’d occur a number of months later, proper? Well,… no. Not in Qatar no less than.

Frankly, the 2006 elections didn’t occur till 2010. In 2011, elections have been introduced for 2013 however these elections have been postponed when the then-Emir (the present Emir’s father) abdicated and so they didn’t occur till 2016.

Furthermore, in line with Human Rights Watch, 1000’s of Qataris have been excluded from voting in 2021 (the final time elections happened). Despite 29 girls operating, none of them have been elected. Voter turnout was 63.5% – solely pure when political events are forbidden or when individuals get imprisoned for criticizing the Emir of Qatar.

Freedom of speech is extraordinarily restricted with a lot of the web being restricted and a number of the information being censored and managed. Qatari residents should not allowed to protest politically and/or type political events. Every individual that may be elected is elected individually. Any criticism towards the Emir of Qatar might be punished with a high quality, jail time, and even whippings. Yes, that’s individuals getting whipped for crimes they dedicated, one thing deeply regarding that shouldn’t exist in 2022.

Here’s an article a couple of Qatari poet who recited a poem allegedly insulting the Emir of Qatar – which received him into jail.

Qatar doesn’t give a fuck about human rights

When it involves the Qatar World Cup, probably the most controversial concern might be the therapy of employees employed to construct the infrastructure essential to host such an occasion. Qatar isn’t massive. It’s a peninsula bordering Saudi Arabia that might match a number of occasions into Bavaria, Germany, with loads of room to spare. It additionally doesn’t actually care about soccer, no less than no one there appears to have had any curiosity in it till now, even when it was elected as host for 2022 again in 2010…

Therefore, a number of roads, stadiums, resorts, and different components required to make the World Cup occur needed to be construct… which is why impoverished migrant employees have been being closely exploited after having been promised the land of their desires.

Slavery in Qatar

Human Rights Watch and the ITUC have been very vocal about this lengthy earlier than Qatar was introduced because the 2022 host for the World Cup… however no one seems to care. It’s NGOs like them that helped unfold consciousness on the matter. Here’s a 2013 CNN article on the Slavery Accusations that Qatar confronted again then.

Meanwhile, FIFA claims that working situations have actually improved because of the World Cup which is simply not true in any respect… and so they type of pat their very own backs for it once they didn’t actually do something to fact-check this. They simply took the bribery cash and determined to disregard these points for years solely to then misinform the world in hopes anybody believes it.

As per employee situations, two labour reforms happened in Qatar: One was the introduction of minimal wage. The different one was the abolishment of the “kafala” system.

The minimal wage that was launched is a couple of greenback per hour – in one of many richest nations of the world per capita. Employers have been additionally supposed to supply meals and housing however there have been many points with these. Many migrant employees that have been dropped at Qatar to work in development ended up residing on bread and water for days with out getting paid for months.

The Kafala system is a system launched to Qatar and different nations the place migrant employees are launched to the nation and may solely go away the nation or swap jobs with the permission of their employer. The abolishment of this lasted for under three months. After that, it was again to regular.

A system the place you’re introduced in from one other nation solely to work at virtually no pay for months with the fixed danger of dying both via accidents or via security hazards and poor residing situations with no choice to change jobs or go away the nation (as a result of your passport is taken away from you) is… in essence… slavery. In 2022.

Here’s an article by the Guardian about migrant employees that died in Qatar for the reason that World Cup has been awarded. When in a single occasion flood water flowed into the barracks of some migrant employees an uncovered electrical wire ended up electrocuting them. So a lot for the kafala system, proper?

Also, right here’s a documentary from three years in the past by Benjamin Best for the German broadcaster WDR concerning the poor slave-like working and residing situations for migrant employees in Qatar. It’s a tricky watch however I’d nonetheless suggest it in case you’ve received the spoons.

LGBT rights in Qatar

Members of the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood face authorized challenges and costs in Qatar that aren’t a factor for non-LGBTQIA+ residents. It’s unlawful to be concerned in male gay acts; you will get fined for these and/or get locked up in jail for as much as three years. While there are not any recognized circumstances the place the demise penalty was issued judicially for homosexuality, extra-judicial murders are unverified and unaccounted for. Some stuff on that.

As talked about beforehand, political protests and campaigns are unlawful in Qatar. Campaigns for LGBTQIA+ rights are additionally forbidden in Qatar.

Qatar’s Laws explicitly state that “sodomy between men” stipulates imprisonment between one and three years. Originally, males discovered to be gay have been imprisoned for longer – though that almost certainly varies relying on whether or not you have been “found” to be homosexual or whether or not you really had homosexual intercourse which was then came upon.

There is a neighborhood demise penalty for same-gender intercourse that solely applies to gay Muslims, largely as a result of extra-marital intercourse no matter gender is punished by demise and since same-gender {couples} can not get married. Again, there isn’t any “evidence” of this having been enacted – however (and that is hypothesis) I wouldn’t be stunned if the Emir of Qatar simply paid off a lot of individuals to not report about these things. After all, he paid off individuals to have the ability to host the World Cup in Qatar.

If you occur to go to Qatar although, FIFA (again in 2010) had a easy repair for you: If you’re homosexual, simply don’t have intercourse. It’s unlawful.

Qatar “welcomes” everybody

So, whereas there are studies on systemic police brutality towards LGBTQIA+ individuals in Qatar based mostly on eyewitness studies from 2019 to 2022, Qatar nonetheless states that the world cup allows them to place their variations apart and to welcome everybody. Everyone is welcome, “as long as they respect [their] culture!”

This tradition consists of oppression and persecution of LGBTQIA+ people and {couples}, whipping individuals discovered to be in a gay relationship, and imprisoning those who have interaction in having intercourse with a same-sex companion. Many openly-gay soccer gamers acknowledged that they’re scared to return to Qatar however Qatar reassures them that they’re protected.

Qatar additionally at one level mentioned that same-sex {couples} have been allowed to carry arms and kiss in public – however once more, there are studies of resorts not even permitting same-sex {couples} to get a room regardless of what the federal government says. On high of that, there have been some discussions about confiscating Pride Flags and different objects that need to do with LGBTQIA+ rights… however FIFA contradicts these statements and choices.

Honestly, there may be a lot happening with LGBTQIA+ protests and signposting and whatnot right here… I’m positive yow will discover loads of circumstances in current information the place gamers of various nations weren’t even allowed to put on “human rights for everyone” on their jerseys… throughout coaching. It’s simply that unhealthy.

Women’s rights

Women in Qatar are additionally being oppressed and closely restricted of their freedom. They’re handled not as people however as a substitute should get hold of permission from their male guardians to marry, examine overseas on authorities scholarships, work in lots of authorities jobs, journey overseas in any respect, obtain sure types of reproductive well being care and hygiene merchandise (the capsule, tampons, and so on.), and act as the first guardian of kids even when they’re divorced.

One might argue that due to Qatar’s Islamic values and morals, girls are being oppressed over there… however frankly, I nonetheless discover it excessive even for “Islamic” circumstances – being a Muslim myself. I imply, there are some excessive circumstances clearly in a number of nations in Africa and the Middle East the place girls can’t even discuss to different males with out their companion’s permission. It’s jarring. But that’s not the case in all of Islam – so I personally hate that a number of that is shrugged off as “just Islamic stuff, I guess”.

Women’s rights are very closely restricted in Qatar, as I already talked about… but it surely will get worse.

Extra-marital intercourse is closely punished it doesn’t matter what gender you’re – but it surely hits girls otherwise than males. On high of that, there was the case of a Mexican worker of the World Cup Organizing Committee who was accused of allegedly having intercourse outdoors of marriage when she reported rape.

She received raped, went to the police, and was then punished for it (identical to others prior to now). The man claimed to have been in a relationship together with her after which the lady was investigated for extramarital intercourse. Women in Qatar face the doable penalty of Flagellation (getting whipped) and a seven-year jail sentence if convicted for having intercourse outdoors of marriage. This case specifically was dropped, nonetheless, months after she was allowed to go away Qatar.

So, you get sexually assaulted and go to the police. The perpetrator merely says he’s in a relationship with you… and abruptly, you’re getting punished and threatened with whippings and a jail sentence. If you’re there on a go to, you possibly can’t go away the nation both since you’re not solely a girl however you additionally might have gotten your passport confiscated.

Let’s add the truth that there isn’t any Age of Consent in Qatar. The Age of Consent is pointless since technically all extra-marital intercourse is against the law. There is not any Age of Marriage, although, so in concept, you would groom kids and do no matter you need with them in case you pay the household sufficient cash as a “gift”.

All Hope Lost within the Climate Crisis

Emissions don’t matter. Even if the EU as an entire and different nations handle to scale back their emissions utterly… Qatar will simply screw us over.

All hope is misplaced. I hand over. RIP to our future and the long run generations that must take the brunt of it.

Qatar doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate many guests and company. It’s a really small nation, in spite of everything. The guests that are available for the World Cup will probably be transported from Saudi Arabia by way of shuttle planes… forwards and backwards… that alone is unhealthy sufficient already however the precise stadium the place the video games happen are situated in a desert the place it will get as much as 50°C in summer time. Despite the occasion having been moved to November/December, it can nonetheless get extremely scorching there. It’s an open-roof venue that has ACs situated in tons of of locations which can be supposed to chill down the entire thing.

Still, regardless of all of this being the case, FIFA closely markets the occasion as carbon impartial.

According to some official figures, the match will emit some 3.6 million tons of CO2 – which is roughly equal to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s annual emissions.

The seven new stadiums’ emissions are speculated to be offset with inexperienced tasks, in line with Qatar. Gilles Dufrasne, writer of the Carbon market Watch paper and coverage officer on the Brussels-based NGO, says, nonetheless, that the organizers of the occasion are underplaying emissions by no less than 1.6 million tons. Shocking.

Apparently, the brand new stadiums will probably be repurposed for issues similar to a boutique lodge, in line with Qatar, however there are many circumstances (like in Rio de Janeiro and Athens) the place Olympics sports activities venues have been deserted… the challenge is simply not possible.

It’s ill-defined and albeit, I doubt that it’s price it. All of those roads and stadiums quantities to hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete that was introduced and dumped right into a desert, destroying pure habitats for what quantities to a publicity stunt to enhance Qatar’s picture and to distract from the atrocities dedicated on this nation.

Here is an article on the carbon footprint of the 2022 World Cup. It goes loads deeper than simply these emissions. Water and waste disposal, different emissions attributable to transport and journey, in addition to the truth that all of those advertising and marketing lies are simply not sustainable… Highly suggest studying that article!

To discover the total speech, go some other place. Here are simply the worst components.

Gianni Infantino is all for Slavery

Gianni Infantino is the present FIFA president and not too long ago sparked a good bit of controversy as of late together with his weird opening speech, stating that he has “very strong feelings today”. He states that he feels Qatari, Arab, African, homosexual, disabled,… a migrant employee.

Very odd.

He clearly isn’t Qatari, Arab, African or perhaps a migrant employee. I’m undecided if he’s homosexual or disabled however he himself helped protecting up Qatari’s dreadfulness and the hideous crimes dedicated by Qatari. Qatari being this yr’s World Cup host is a call made in 2010 – one thing that he had no involvement in. Yes, that could be true, however he nonetheless is FIFA’s president these days and so they successfully attempt to cowl up the emissions and so they attempt to market Qatari as an open and welcome nation.

That’s what this speech is attempting to perform as nicely.

He later goes into element about how Europeans need to apologize for the previous 3000 years and the long run 3000 years… and that we don’t have the fitting to take a look at different nations and choose them.

The precise quote is about “moral lessons” however I’m fairly darn positive that “whipping people as a punishment for being in gay relationships or as a punishment for having been raped” is “not exactly great”. I don’t suppose that me judging Qatari for that stuff in 2022 is what individuals would contemplate a “moral lesson”. I’d love to listen to what Infantino has to say about that or the nonexistent age of consent or the oppression of girls.

Gianni Infantino then talks about migration and folks in creating nations who’re impoverished and go overseas to work in different nations – all for the sake of their households and their properties. It’s an emotional enchantment that there are individuals on the market ravenous and dying in poverty. Very legitimate.

But then he talks about how Qatari presents this to individuals. Not legitimate in any respect.

The exploitation of those poor individuals and the 1000’s of deaths (once more video up there) and the poor working situations and the shortage of security measures… Is Gianni Infantino (a wealthy, white, straight cis-man) attempting to excuse all of this and attempting to inform us that it’s okay that this occurs?

He then continues to additionally speak about how Europe closes their borders and the way Europe is the unhealthy man – once more referencing “what we did in the past 3000 years” – and says that these individuals can legally work in Qatar and are invited to return there to work in order that their households can survive.

It’s a rhetorical trick that’s speculated to garner sympathy for Qatar. Europe is unhealthy. Qatar is nice. These individuals earn ten occasions extra in Qatar than what they’d earn of their house nations, Gianni Infantino says…

Infantino doesn’t point out how employees go with out pay for months or how individuals have been electrocuted of their sleep or how individuals fell off and died each day in the course of the development of those stadiums.

Infantino doesn’t speak about deaths that occurred for FIFA. Infantino doesn’t speak about individuals not being allowed to go away the nation. Infantino would most likely point out their poor households right here who aren’t even informed that their fathers, husbands, sons, and mates died.

Every choice that’s made regarding the World Cup, he continues, is made collectively by FIFA and Qatar.

Does that imply that FIFA additionally shares the accountability of the carbon emissions and the deaths that occurred in Qatar? Not positive.

Moral Hypocrisy

Something that Gianni Infantino touches upon is a few type of ethical hypocrisy that the “West” has happening. “The West” just isn’t allowed to criticize the middle-East or Qatar particularly due to atrocities dedicated by the West.

Well, people suck and people did a number of unhealthy shit however they stopped. They modified. They take accountability. It’s 2022 and folks nonetheless obtain whip lashes as punishment in Qatar. I suppose we shouldn’t choose till we try this ourselves? I don’t know what to do with this argument.

Just as a result of “we” did “bad stuff” prior to now, does that excuse others from doing the identical or worse each day? Just as a result of nations like Germany, the UK, the US, and so on. have very darkish chapters of their historical past, does that imply that they will’t choose Qatar for violating human rights and oppressing individuals based mostly on their intercourse, gender identification, and sexuality?

There are additionally controversies surrounding Qatar paying off followers and filming advertisements for various nations collaborating to fabricate synthetic hype concerning the world. It’s the identical individuals in different outfits elsewhere doing the identical issues, pretending to be soccer followers. Influencers acquired contracts to speak about Qatar (solely positively) and to advertise the occasion, as nicely…

Here’s an article on Qatar providing followers to take part within the occasion on the home so long as they don’t criticize Qatar and so long as they report individuals who do.

Gianni Infantino calls the those who voice these accusations “racist”.

This could be very a lot in step with the Emir of Qatar’s assertion that there’s a international hate marketing campaign towards Qatar underway simply because it’s Islamic and within the Middle East.

If France imported migrant employees to work and die as slaves or if Ireland launched whiplashes as a sound punishment for crimes… I’m positive the outcry could be as massive as for Qatar. I don’t suppose “race” has something to do with it. Neither does faith.


I simply wished to speak about this matter. I imagine that everybody watching this world cup intently ought to really feel very, very unhealthy whereas doing so. Everyone collaborating in a watch get together or streaming it ought to understand how many individuals died on this. Everyone ought to pay attention to what a rustic like Qatar internet hosting this occasion means. Everyone who’s in assist of this occasion ought to know that individuals died for this occasion.

Fuck Qatar. Seriously. It’s not concerning the race or no matter. It’s about their deeds.

Fuck FIFA. It’s not concerning the sport, it’s concerning the bribes they took and the blood they’ve on their hand as nicely as a result of they allowed Qatar to host this occasion.

Fuck Gianni Infantino. He talked about that he was bullied as a red-haired child and that he understands the struggles of homosexual individuals and disabled individuals. That’s not the identical in any respect. Bullying and persecution aren’t the identical. Bullying and struggling aren’t the identical.

Honestly, right here’s one more fuck you to Gianni Infantino for excusing these atrocities dedicated by Qatar and attempting to “sportswash” modern-day slavery and the exploitation of households with an emotional enchantment so backwards that I critically marvel how the fuck an individual like him has not already been censored by FIFA.

How the fuck does an individual like him get to ramble in a press convention? Even fucking Qatar understood that their official who did an interview with a ZDF journalist must shut up after calling “being gay” a “damage in the mind”. Qatar stopped the interview after that out of concern that even worse issues could be mentioned. Qatar understood that every one of that is very, very unhealthy for his or her picture. Gianni Infantino didn’t perceive that.

He most likely doesn’t care. Infantino doesn’t care so long as he will get his paycheck. I’m positive he doesn’t even really feel unhealthy about what he’s excusing right here.

Holy shit.

And even when the variety of 6,500 deaths is simply an estimate, it doesn’t matter. Any demise attributable to that is on FIFA. After all, any choice made occurred due to FIFA officers taking bribes (articles on Sepp Blatter admitting to it right here, and right here), and due to them attempting to distract from any present points.

Heck, there have been homophobic chants on the World Cup already, regardless of everybody claiming that they’re open and they’re excited to point out how numerous Qatar is.

The matter is big and there are a number of layers to this, so I needed to restrict what precisely I’m going into element about and the place I go away stuff out. We might speak about how Qatar funds terrorism and the way I, as a Muslim, would disagree that Qatar’s politics have something to do with Islam, particularly contemplating how grasping the Emir of Qatar is – greed being a mortal sin in Islam… actually on the primary few pages… But then we’d be right here all-day.

Fuck the World Cup. Fuck FIFA. Fuck Qatar. Eat the wealthy. Boycott the World Cup.

This put up was first revealed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and wish to see extra, you possibly can examine me out on Twitch and YouTube as nicely.



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