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How To Beat Ryme (Montenevera Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Beat Ryme (Montenevera Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


The Pokemon League is rising ever nearer. I can odor it. 

But earlier than we attain these hallowed halls, now we have to take down one other Gym Leader that stands between us and the prize. It’s time to problem Ryme. 

The Gym Leader of Montenevera Gym, Ryme is a well-known rapper who took over the health club when her older sister, Tyme, left to show on the Academy. 

As enjoyable loving as Ryme is, she’s a fast witted girl who has a ardour for Ghost kind Pokemon – a nightmare for trainers who love Normal sorts. If you don’t wish to get buried alive it is advisable to play to Ghost weaknesses, which suggests utilizing Dark/Ghost sorts. 

If you wish to battle Ghost with Ghost, may I counsel utilizing my how you can get Gengar information? Let’s face it, he’s one of many absolute best spooks there’s! 

How To Warm Up The Audience For Ryme’s Concert

The Montenevera Gym Challenge is sort of completely different from all of the others in that it’s an uncomplicated activity of successful three rounds of Double Battles

And, regardless of the flowery stage, there’s completely no want so that you can spit bars to impress the group. 

Head to the stage and MC Sledge will clarify the foundations, thus beginning the problem. You’ll face Tas, Lani, after which MC Sledge himself (what a twist!). 

They all use Ghost/Dark sorts. Because I’m feeling beneficiant, and wish you to win, under is an summary of which Pokemon you’ll face.


  • Shuppet – Level 40 (Ghost)
  • Greavard – Level 40 (Ghost)


  • Haunter – Level 40 (Ghost)
  • Misdreavus – Level 40 (Ghost)

MC Sledge:

  • Sableye – Level 40 (Dark/Ghost)
  • Drifblim – Level 40 (Ghost/Flying)

Now they’re out of the way in which, we get to the principle occasion everybody has been ready for.

What Pokemon Does Ryme Use?

  • Mimikyu – Level 41 (Ghost/Fairy)
  • Banette – Level 41 (Ghost)
  • Houndstone – Level 41 (Ghost)
  • Toxtricity – Level 42 (Poison/Electric with Ghost Tera Type)

How To Beat Ryme In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The greatest approach to beat Ryme is to make use of Ghost/Dark kind Pokemon like Gimminghoul, situated on the prime of Towers throughout Paldea. When you battle Toxtricity, a Ground kind like Diglett will smash by means of.

Like with the Gym Challenge, you may be partaking in Double Battles.

I say all this, but I beat Ryme utilizing a Fairy/Steel kind (Tinkaton) and a Fire/Psychic kind (Armarouge). 

What does that imply?

Essentially, that Ryme isn’t tough to beat. Even when utilizing a Psychic Pokemon, which Ghost sorts are sturdy in opposition to, I nonetheless managed to outlive with out fainting as soon as. 

To be trustworthy, I feel the truth that this battle is a Double Battle helped so much as a result of I might burn two foes as an alternative of one after the other, with Tinkaton then delivering the ending blow through the use of Gigaton Hammer. It’s a damning transfer with 100% accuracy and 160 Power. 

Ryme Gym Leader Rewards

Ryme gives you TM114 Shadow Ball, a Ghost kind transfer that has 80 Power and a 20% probability of decreasing your opponent’s Special Defense Stat. 

As all the time, you’ll get a badge in your troubles, and Pokemon as much as Level 55 will now obey you. 

Just another Gym Leader to go, of us. It’s getting intense!

Check again every day to see the newest thriller present codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and you should definitely examine how you can beat Mela if you wish to begin battling Team Star. 



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