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Braingle » ‘Brave’ Trivia Quiz

Check your data on the Disney Pixar film, “Brave”! The film “Brave” is a couple of princess named Merida who’s a really expert archer, and desires to have her personal destiny as an alternative of following what her mom needs.

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Question #1

What 12 months did “Brave” come out?

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Question #2

What was Merida’s mom’s title?

Question #3

What was the title of the dominion the place Merida and her household lived?

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Question #4

The spell given to Merida by the witch was within the type of…

Question #5

The spell from the witch turned the sufferer into what animal?

Question #6

Which of those was not a reputation of Merida’s triplet brothers?

Question #7

What did King Fergus lose on the the start of the film when he fought Mor’du?

Question #8

Complete the quote. “Fate be modified, look _____. Mend the _____ torn by satisfaction.”

Question #9

When did the witch’s spell develop into everlasting?

Question #10

In the tune “Touch the Sky”, these are the right lyrics: “Ride the wind and contact the sky”.



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