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Alongside the define of their new Inclusivity Policies, WotC launched a batch of Spelljammer errata, for use from this level ahead.

Spelljammer made the headlines final week as Wizards of the Coast unveiled their new pointers for inclusivity. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space‘s second printing will be the first document to undergo this new process. And it’s put to the check with a batch of recent errata.

The new adjustments embrace a number of guidelines updates. Including a repair for glide. Sadly, WotC has patched out wave dashing on this batch of errata.

Spelljammer Errata – Astral Adventurer’s Guide

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is the participant’s handbook for Spelljammer. It accommodates myriad participant choices. And it’s the two new participant races that come underneath the errata lens right here. First a minor however substantive tweak to Astral Elves.

Astral Elves at the moment are totally thought of elves:

“The following sentence has been appended to the “Creature Type” subsection: “You are also considered an elf for any prerequisite or effect that requires you to be an elf.”

Elves are elves. News at 5. But this issues, as a result of this codifies the truth that they will take feats like Elven Accuracy, which requires you to be an elf or half-elf.

The Hadozee have been given a giant replace to their lore. Hadozee had been not too long ago on the coronary heart of the controversy that sparked each the errata and the brand new inclusivity insurance policies. Their new lore is pictured right here:

And on high of that, a few of their talents have been modified too. Glide specifically. This has been the topic of a lot debate. Glide was a capability that allow you to transfer 5 ft ahead for each foot you fell. Leading many to surprise at Hadozee’s speeds. Could they bounce up a foot within the air and transfer 5 ft ahead as they fell? Did that motion price velocity?

Now the textual content has been up to date to replicate that Glide solely works whenever you fall no less than ten ft above the bottom. It takes your response. And now as a substitute of shifting at this 5 ft per foot of descended distance, you utilize your response to maneuver horizontally a lot of ft equal to your strolling velocity and you are taking 0 injury from the autumn.

Boo’s Astral Menagerie Updates

Quite a lot of monsters in Boo’s Astral Menagerie have additionally been reworked.

The astral elf star priest is CR 5. Young photo voltaic dragon turns into CR 9. Ancient photo voltaic dragon revised to CR 21. In addition, these monsters have had hit factors and in some instances assault bonuses adjusted.

All in all, pretty minor tweaks. But the adjustments are already in place on D&D Beyond. And in some instances, the foundations adjustments had been in place weeks earlier than the errata doc was launched. Glide was modified again in September. This marks the primary time WotC “patched” a ebook like this, reside, by way of D&D Beyond.

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