Home Puzzles Braingle » ‘Delete a Letter 32’ Brain Teaser

Braingle » ‘Delete a Letter 32’ Brain Teaser

Braingle » ‘Delete a Letter 32’ Brain Teaser


Each pair of definitions is for 2 phrases, the place the second phrase is the primary phrase with a letter deleted (instance: model & band). The size of the primary phrase in every pair is offered, together with the place of the deleted letter to acquire the second phrase.

1) an individual of small stature (4 letters) & (delete third letter) a observe worn by a wheel

2) unmistakably evident(5 letters) & (delete 1st letter) having a robust disagreeable odor

3) of or referring to the universe (6 letters) & (delete third letter) inflicting laughter or amusement

4) animal pores and skin that’s ready to be used (7 letters) & (delete 2nd letter) a foam shaped when cleaning soap is agitated in water



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