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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Azalin Rex

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Azalin Rex


Originally hailing from the world of Greyhawk, the lich generally known as Azalin Rex was a monstrous, undead wizard. A Darklord of terror.

When it involves the haunted, tormented rulers of Ravenloft’s numerous Domains of Dread, none are as iron-fisted as Azalin, the lich-king of Darkon. Over the years, he befriended Strahd von Zarovich, established a sprawling, populous area. However, Azalin desired, above all else, an escape from his jail.

A reality that will practically trigger the destruction of Ravenloft. But as a way to perceive what led him to this reckless act, we should enterprise to the start.

Mortal Life within the Earldom of Knurl

Azalin was not all the time a twisted lich-king. Nor, certainly, was he all the time named Azalin. He was born as Firan Zal’honan, the second son of Lord Turalitan Zal’honan. As the second of three sons, his life was spent with a dim political future ruling most of his childhood.

Fortunately for younger Firan, he demonstrated a eager intelligence and aptitude for magic. Unfortunately, his father, like most of Knurl, was superstitious and banned magic in his family. This led the younger Zal’honan to insurgent, becoming a member of Knurl’s underworld of mages.

There he studied magic and found a need to regulate others and himself above all else—whereas concurrently thirsting for energy whatever the penalties. Case in level, he summoned a demon that broke free from his energy and killed his beloved youthful brother, Irik. Afterward, Firan went into exile together with his instructor.

In time, he realized a wide range of darker magics that the majority may by no means grasp. He may steal the life drive of others, utilizing it to increase his personal life. He may learn minds and steal magical data.

All of this led him to heights of magical energy that had been made worse when he assumed the throne his elder brother had taken. For a time, he dominated as Azal’Lan, a phrase which means wizard-king. And beneath his reign, Knurl clawed its manner again out of financial melancholy. But prosperity and development had been just one aspect of his reign. The different? Violence and dissent from conquered tribes.

Azalin Rises, Sheds Mortality

Firan married at 60 when his life-extending spells began to fail. It took 18 years earlier than this loveless marriage produced a son and inheritor, whom Firan named Irik. A reputation that resonated with kindness and generosity, which Firan noticed as weak point.

When Irik was caught releasing prisoners whom his father was torturing, Firan was confronted with the selection of pardoning or executing his son. To symbolize his devotion to the legal guidelines he enacted, Firan wielded the executioner’s blade himself and reduce down his personal son.

This act would drive him to obsession. He desired to return his son to life and to discover a means to dwell without end. These darkish needs attracted the eye of the darkish and anonymous forces that rule over Ravenloft. Some say it’s the Mists themselves that whispered the secrets and techniques of lichdom to him. Thus did he shed his mortality and rise as Azalin the lich.

With a lich ruling it, Knurl turned a serious energy within the Flanaess, keeping off assassins and armies alike. It took treachery to convey down the lich-king. Lured out of his defenses by a way to resurrect his son, Azalin was ambushed. He fled the mercenary attackers right into a dense fog and was by no means seen in Knurl once more.

Ravenloft Beckons

Azalin handed by the fog and emerged in Barovia. There he drew the eye of Barovia’s grasp, Strahd von Zarovich. Azalin’s magical prowess introduced him grudging respect and taught the vampire what he is aware of. In trade, Azalin sought Strahd’s assist in escaping the misty border of Barovia, hoping that if he left the land, he would escape the unusual illness that appeared to plague him.

For although the lich was omnipotent, whereas in Barovia, it appeared he couldn’t be taught new spells.

Azalin tried to flee the obstacles of Ravenloft many instances. The first try took them to a different pocket airplane, however after catastrophe struck the try, Azalin and Strahd fell out. And Azalin fled into the mists of Ravenloft and emerged in a realm all his personal.

Azalin, Ruler of Darkon

Darkon was a realm created by the Dark Powers of Ravenloft for Azalin. It is a realm designed to torment the lich-king. This area was his to rule, however it was additionally his jail. Azalin may reign completely over Darkon. His magical would possibly introduced the nobles into the land beneath his energy.

He dominated with a sequence of ruthlessly draconian legal guidelines, and but, saved his personal nature as an undead lich secret from everybody else. Azalin dominated a kingdom that was docile. With nothing left to do and no new spells to be taught, he was confronted together with his personal villainy. His personal thirst for energy.

Perhaps this led him to attempt as soon as once more to flee Ravenloft. He tried to govern a Grand Conjunction of planes by sending heroes again in time to steal artifacts from Ravenloft’s formation. And although he cut up the Demiplane open, and may need unleashed the Darklords upon the world, Azalin’s hatred for Strahd undid any probability of everlasting escape. As the lich turned to confront his enemy, Ravenloft was reformed by the heroes and imprisoned as soon as extra within the Mists.

A second escape try merely shattered his physique and scattered his spirit throughout Darkon. Azalin ultimately reconstituted, possessing the corpse of his son, however now he experiments. Seeking to flee Ravenloft, but additionally to have the ability to as soon as once more be taught new magics. For now, he appears content material to unlock the mysteries of his Demiplane, however who is aware of the place these darkish experiments will take him subsequent?

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