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Braingle » ‘Export Worries’ Mentalrobics Article

Braingle » ‘Export Worries’ Mentalrobics Article


Most folks fear about future occasions which will or might not occur. This expectation of one thing dangerous taking place causes folks stress regardless that the factor might by no means happen. One useful method for decreasing fear is to export your worries to a pocket book or diary.

Suppose you may’t get to sleep since you are worrying a few assembly together with your boss later within the week. Pick up your pocket book and write down that fear. Now, set a time sooner or later and promise your self that at the moment you’ll evaluation what you might be worrying about and decide. This ought to assist resolve the current fear and put it off to the designated time. An added advantage of that is that throughout the interim, your unconscious thoughts can have time to course of the issue and provide you with potential options. This is similar to how the ‘Letter to Yourself‘ method works.



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