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Braingle » ‘Name That: Famous Pair’ Brain Teaser

Each of the clues under describe a well-known pair (instance: Salt & Pepper). Can you title every pair?

1. Jingly sound makers & accompanying sounds heard on the Seven Dwarfs commute

2. Corny phrase utilized by photographers & skinny crisp wafers

3. Small spherical play toy & a letter propagated to many individuals threatening unhealthy luck until forwarded

4. Mayberry’s deputy sheriff & hole spherical percussion instrument

5. A cheery, cheerful or joyous disposition & a unit of firm inventory

6. Long slender conifer leaf & message board steady chain of postings

7. Kevin of “Six Degrees” trivia fame & hen predecessors

8. Writing implement loaded with ink & financial institution worker that receives or pays out cash

9. A paste comprised of floor goober peas & candy unfold ready from Concord Grapes


1. Bells & Whistles

2. Cheese & Crackers

3. Ball & Chain

4. Fife & Drum

5. Sonny & Cher

6. Needle & Thread

7. Bacon & Eggs

8. Penn & Teller

9. Peanut Butter & Jelly



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