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Warhammer 40K: Assassinorum Vanus Temple


Today loremasters we communicate of maybe the deadliest of Imperial Assassins, the all-seeing Infocytes of the Vanus Temple.

“The cleanest kill is one that another performs in your stead with no knowledge of your incitement.” ~Vanus Temple Dictum

The Vanus Temple is likely one of the murderer temples of the Officio Assassinorum.

Vanus Assassin Overview

Agents of the Vanus Clade are generally known as infocytes and in addition made use of predictive engines in an effort to base their calculations on all accessible information in addition to prognostic simulations in an effort to decide the success price of the operations. The infocytes are basically human computing engines which can be far completely different from senseless automata equivalent to servitors as their expertise have been unparalleled in issues of technique and ways. Their presence cemented their Clade’s function as being the intelligence-gathering arm of the Officio Assassinorum. It has been stated that they’ve by no means been identified to make an error in judgement although some thought of this disinformation.

Despite this being the case, the Vanus Temple Clade is well-known for the creation and dissemination of propaganda which is famous as being its best power. Infocytes are stated to carry the identical relationship with uncooked data as an addict had with their chosen vice. In the sense that they’re enraptured by the concept of recent information in addition to what they may do to not solely collect it however understand it as nicely. They together with cryptocrats participate in operations by way of telepresent means. These are performed from their sanctum or from an Officio Assassinorum sponsored starship. Vanus Assassins bodily deployed within the discipline is a uncommon incidence. Ultimately, the Vanus Clade watches everybody with their data-stacks being stuffed with data on all the opposite Clades. This is the means by which they preserve their place by means of blackmail.


Vanus Clade Equipment

In phrases of apparatus, Clade Vanus are identified to own cogitator gauntlets that projected hololithic panes that floated within the air for them to entry information. They may additionally ship small swarms of organic-metal netfly automata that may faucet into opti-cables and parse by way of the wealthy information which they fed again to the operative. Each of those netflies was by itself a comparatively unsophisticated piece of expertise however, en masse, their networking expertise allowed the knowledge they transfered to be condensed right into a coherent image of what occured within the rapid environment of the Vanus Assassin.

This allowed Clade brokers to generate maps of close by constructions, visitors and place monitoring beads all through any given zone. This the netflies completed by boring into the deep sub-web of imaging coils within the space. When getting into right into a data system, Clade Vanus assassins are in a position to unleash information phages and blackouts designed to subvert the enemy.

Operatives of the Clade didn’t have apparent weapons and tended to be armed with gadgets equivalent to an electropulse projector constructed into their cogitator gauntlet in addition to made use of their menagerie equivalent to psyber eagles, eyerats and netfly swarms. Additionally, they made use of Imperial bionics equivalent to mechadendrites. These function potent interface instruments with different items of expertise with the knowledge current being projected by hololithic shows.

According to Fon Tariel, the dictates and technique of operation of the Clade have been summed up as: “the cleanest kill is one that another performs in your stead with no knowledge of your incitement.” Some believed that the operatives of this Clade have been incapable of following murderer instincts within the discipline and that is the explanation why the Officio Assassinorum saved them at their scrying stations.



The brokers of the Vanus temple are masters at gathering and manipulating data to convey concerning the elimination of their targets through unwitting third events. Thus leaving no hint of Officio Assassinorum involvement.  They are extremely proficient in refined assassination. For instance – killing an embezzler by intercepting a money cargo to him and planting cast data-bills, leading to his co-conspirators murdering him out of suspicion.


Similar to the opposite Clades, the Vanus have been fashioned in the course of the age of the Great Crusade by a secret pact at Mount Vengeance on Terra consisting of the 5 different main Clades that sought to remove the enemies of the Emperor within the shadows. Their founder was Sire Vanus who served because the Director Primus of the Clade and served beneath the secret Master of Assassins. The Clade is thought to had eliminated many enemies of the Imperium as a part of their duties which they completed by the manipulation of knowledge fairly than outright termination.

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