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Castles & Crusades – Is it really good?

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Spell casting is definitely stronger than in dnd, particularly as you stage. Because your saving throws are your capacity checks, which have a base of 12 and 18 relying on if it’s a main or not. Then the caster stage of the spell caster plus modifiers provides to this. If you goal a non prime they’re most unlikely to avoid wasting towards you.

Primes and secondaries take a little bit of getting used to, a standard technique is to solely use base 18 dc and all prime rolls get so as to add +6, this retains the maththe identical however retains you from needing to ask whether or not it’s a major or secondary attribute.

The sport I’m in, the GM added a tertiary tier to talents. So it is…
Primary = 12
Secondary = 15
Tertiary = 18

Humans get their three Primes and two Secondary, whereas all different races get two Primary and two Secondary.




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