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Cocos Creator vs CocosSecond-x – cocos2d-x

Cocos Creator vs CocosSecond-x – cocos2d-x


As a long-time group member right here I’ve to argue that the c++ model was successfully deserted after 3.17.2, and solely barely up to date to assist Metal with 4.0.

For new or younger tasks with months or years forward, please think about using the AXYS fork (was ADXE) going ahead for any C++ associated CocosSecond developments and tasks. I began frivolously recommending this, however as of at present (Sept. 2022) and into the long run I can solely suggest forks or utilizing options like Godot, Unity, Unreal, or different sport/rendering frameworks (SDL, et al).

Or construct your individual customized fork or customized engine one utilizing graphics/rendering/low-level frameworks or libraries (SDL, BGFX, Sokol, raylib, SFML, GLFW, ImGUI, openal-soft, and many others) in the identical manner that the AXYS fork did.

If you’ve got sport tasks you don’t need to keep on life-support, however need to launch future updates then I additionally would nonetheless take into account porting over to this AXYS fork, though cocos2d-x v3.17.2 and v4.0 are completely tremendous to make use of if you wish to repair all of the bugs and enhance it your self (that falls beneath “custom engine”).

(I’ve began porting all of the video games I’ve management over, however will most likely depart one sport on cocos2d-x since no updates are deliberate and it’ll be frivolously maintained to work with newest SDKs till it can’t and can then be pulled off the app shops.)

Relatedly, I additionally suggest in opposition to utilizing the “lite” model that Cocos Creator relies upon as a result of it’s by no means going to be up to date with issues the native c++ cross-platform sport builders will need/want going ahead.

I’ll admit I’m unsure one of the best alternative for this dialogue type but, and why I haven’t deleted my account right here but. CocosSecond over time from Python to iOS to X-platform has been an unbelievable group and open-source success, however all issues should finally come to an finish.


My 2c


Thank you for the wonderful submit, i’ll look extra into these.

Thanks for the submit. I’ll considere it for positive. Couple of questions(possibly it’s all defined within the hyperlinks already):1-is it any totally different on the way you construct a challenge on with oficial cocos? I’m very confortable with visible studio and the way straightforward it’s to create a challenge presently. 2- is there a group there the place we are able to ask and submit stuff? It appears that there’s virtually no exercise right here anymore on cocos2dx.


Edit: I noticed that my reply 1 is defined in git hub hyperlink. I suppose my query is how steady is it? I’m at all times a bit sceptic on “non official” softwares. If every thing is strong, I’d like to proceed my submit and contribute to maintain cocos2dx alive there.

I don’t imagine there’s too many individuals utilizing AXYS, so I’m unsure I’d name it an energetic group, per se, however you possibly can use the Github Issues in case you have issues, and both this discussion board or possibly StackOverflow.

It actually will depend on you or your workforce’s expertise as as to if you really need a discussion board like this one, or if GitHub Issues and StackOverflow can fulfill that want.

Unity3D and Godot have energetic communities. I’m positive Unreal does as properly, however that engine at all times feels formidable to get into, from my perspective.

Anyway, I don’t have any nice recommendation right here past the assets for what to make use of as the inspiration that your sport(s) is constructed upon.


FYI. It modified title as soon as once more :slight_smile:
axis, adxe, axmol


FYI. It modified title as soon as once more:
engine-x => adxe => axis => axys => axmol

Maybe a copyright stuff with ‘axys’.

The Axis is realy good selection as C++ sport challenge, after cocos modified enterprise mannequin. There are 64 bit Windows challenge assist, mounted many bugs, rewriten render, OpenAL for all platforms, m1 apple assist, the identical cpp-test instance eventually.
I have no idea the destiny of this engine – however it’s good factor at present.
May be there is no such thing as a good advertising and marketing to popularize it.
If to say about editor, the blender is every thing it’s essential create ranges for Second/3d video games, it’s only wanted a little bit creativeness :grinning:.

The solely proposal
for Second:
blender airplane – is identical as Second sprite

  1. create Level with Second planes in Blender with apropriate textures
  2. make blender export script in python (it’s easy) to avoid wasting these objects to json the place one airplane is represented with [x,y,width,height,texture data] properties
  3. parse this json within the Axis to load these datas as sprites
    PS. You may create one huge airplane as background and cargo it as ParallaxNode
    PPS. You can assigne some blender planes as particles, gentle, menu, and many others, base on its names like: ptcl_fire_node1 – the node which represents particle, node1 – easy sprite. Or it may be completed blender addon (it’s easy) so as to add your individual airplane propertie like kind.
    PPPS. There is ortographic blender digicam. It will be set to regulate display screen measurement to grasp how it will appears within the sport



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