Home RPG D&D Monster Spotlight: There’s Nothing Second Place About a Silver Dragon

D&D Monster Spotlight: There’s Nothing Second Place About a Silver Dragon

D&D Monster Spotlight: There’s Nothing Second Place About a Silver Dragon


If you’re in search of a dragon to befriend, the Silver Dagon could also be your finest wager… Assuming your get together is by-and-large good.

Silver Dragons are totally different from lots of their dragon cousins. Kind, useful, ethical, and focused on humanoids in a friends-not-food kind of method, that is the dragon to get in your nook. And with the flexibility to polymorph and a desire for pretending to be humanoid, anyone you meet on the street could possibly be a Silver Dragon. So be good!

First Edition

Much like their gold cousins, Silver Dragons are capable of polymorph themselves to look human or animal. Some of their favourite humanoid appearances of an previous man or a fantastic damsel. Generally falling within the Lawful-good alignment, Silver Dragons aren’t ones you’ll sometimes have to fret about an assault from until there’s an excellent motive. But when engaged in battle, they use claws, fangs, their cone of frost breath weapon, or as much as ten magic spells.


Second Edition

In stark comparability to many different types of dragons, Silvers are sometimes variety and useful creatures who will “cheerfully assist good creatures of their need is genuine.” The unicorns of the enormous reptile world, in the event you’re pure of coronary heart certainly one of these creatures could also be your new finest pal. In basic, Silver Dragons are against violence and keep away from fight until confronted with a really evil or aggressive enemy. They will even try to make use of nonviolent methods to finish a battle corresponding to Feather Fall to cease missiles or Control Weather to blind or confuse an opponent.

Their commonest enemy are Red Dragons as the 2 usually have overlapping lair territory. These fights could be horrible and lethal, however Silver Dragons usually come out victorious due to their friendliness and basic capacity to make human and humanoid mates and allies.


Third Edition

Silver Dragons can most frequently be discovered dwelling in mountaintop lairs, amid the clouds and the faint odor of rain at all times follows them. Which, identical to Silver Dragons basically, sounds very nice. Their lair usually has a magical flooring for laying eggs and hiding treasure. Not solely have they got the flexibility to tackle human types, however in addition they appear to take pleasure in doing so. Perhaps much more than staying of their true dragon kind. They usually tackle mortal companions and kind deep, lasting friendships.


Fourth Edition

4E tells us that Silver Dragons are the “knight-errant of dragon-kind.” While earlier types have been opposed to violence or fight when not totally essential, in Fourth Edition they journey the world in search of attention-grabbing conflicts to help in. They additionally no desire melee fight, although their breath weapon is highly effective. They nonetheless don’t like aggression, however it appears to be when it’s centered on them. Silver Dragons are, nonetheless, fairly susceptive to flattery. So in the event you see a Silver Dragon, inform them how cool and fairly they’re. You simply might make a strong pal.


Fifth Edition

Fifth Edition dials again the Silver Dragon’s knightliness a bit. They not go in the hunt for rights to mistaken and “don’t take it upon themselves to root out evil.” But if evil is seen they are going to stand towards it. They will usually befriend different Silver Dragons, but additionally like spending time as a human as a lot as their unique kind. While they’ll kind friendships and bonds with any ethical humanoids, the shorter-living folks (corresponding to people) spark their curiosity in a method longer-living folks don’t.


Have you encountered a Silver Dragon? Was it in its dragon kind or disguised as a humanoid? Did your get together get together with the Dragon, or are your companions lower than ethical? Let us know within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!


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