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Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes | Pocket Tactics

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes | Pocket Tactics


Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe Ingredients Apple cider glazed salmon Salmon, sugarcane, apple Baked carp Carp, butter Basil omelet Basil, egg, cheese, milk Bouillabaisse Any two seafood, shrimp, tomato, any vegetable Carp salad Carp, lemon, lettuce Cheesy crispy baked cod Cod, wheat, cheese Chowder Any seafood, milk, potato, any vegetable Creamy garlic scallops Scallop, lemon, butter, garlic Crispy baked cod Cod, wheat Fish creole Any fish, any vegetable, garlic, rice, tomato Fish ‘n’ chips Any fish, wheat, canola, potato Fish pasta Any fish, garlic, wheat, milk Fish pie Any fish, wheat, butter Fish risotto Any fish, rice, butter Fish salad Any fish, lemon, salad Fish sandwiches Any fish, wheat Fish soup Any fish, any vegetable, milk Fish steak Any fish, tomato, basil Fish tacos Any fish, corn, chili, cheese Fugu sushi Fugu, rice, seaweed Greek pizza Any spice, tomato, onion, cheese, wheat Grilled fish Any fish Grilled fish entree Any fish, any vegetable Gumbo Okra, shrimp, chili, tomato, onion Hearty salad Any two greens, lettuce Hors d’oeuvres Any spice Kappa maki Seaweed, cucumber, rice Kronk’s spinach puffs Spinach, cheese, canola Lancetfish paella Lancetfish, shrimp, any seafood, tomato, rice Leek soup Leek Lemon garlic swordfish Swordfish, lemon, garlic Lobster roll Lobster, wheat, lemon, butter, garlic Maguro sushi Tuna, seaweed, rice, ginger  Maki Any fish, seaweed, rice Margherita pizza Any spice, tomato, cheese, wheat Mediterranean salad Cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, any spice Mushroom pizza Mushroom, wheat, tomato, cheese Mushu’s congee Rice, egg, mushroom, garlic, ginger Omelet Egg, cheese, milk Pan-fried angler fish Anglerfish, tomato, zucchini, potato Pan-seared bass & greens Bass, any two greens Pan-seared tilapia & greens Tilapia, any two greens Pasta Wheat, tomato Peanut butter sandwich Peanut, wheat Pizza Tomato, cheese, wheat Poached basil-butter sturgeon Sturgeon, lemon, basil, butter Porridge Milk, wheat Porridge with fruits Milk, wheat, any fruit Ranch salad Lettuce, pepper, corn, tomato, onion Ratatouille Tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion, any spice  Sake maki Rice, seaweed, salmon Sake sushi Salmon, rice Savory fish Any fish, lemon Scrambled egg Egg, cheese Seafood pasta Any seafood, wheat, milk Seafood pie Any seafood, wheat, butter Seafood salad Any seafood, lettuce Seafood soup Any seafood, any two greens Seared rainbow trout Rainbow trout, tomato, onion Simple fried perch Perch, wheat, butter Smoked peanuts and anglerfish Anglerfish, peanuts Sole meuniere Sole, wheat, butter, lemon Spaghetti arrabbiata Tomato, wheat, chili Spicy baked bream Bream, chili, butter Steamed fugu Fugu, ginger, garlic Sushi Any fish, rice Sweet & bitter kingfish steak Kingfish, sugarcane, lemon Tamagoyaki Egg, sugarcane Tasty salad Lettuce, cucumber, any vegetable, any spice Tasty veggies Any vegetable, any spice Tekka maki Tuna, soy, seaweed, rice Teriyaki salmon Soy, salmon, sugarcane, rice, ginger Tuna burger Tuna, onion, lemon, wheat, any vegetable Vegetarian pizza Any two greens, tomato, cheese, wheat Vegetarian stew Potato, carrot, onion Vegetarian taco Corn, chili, cheese, any vegetable Veggie casserole Any two greens, cheese, any spice Veggie pasta Tomato, wheat, any vegetable Veggie pie Any vegetable, wheat, butter Veggie skewers Mushroom, zucchini, onion, pepper Walleye en papillote Walleye, basil, oregano, any vegetable



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