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So the Answer is

Ice Age.

You begin off

plotting the tickets to a seating plan which places all of them subsequent to one another and spells out THE TIMES WILL POINT TO IT utilizing the primary letter of every film on the ticket.

You then use that order to

use a clock face to map out the hour and minute palms to type two phrases. The hour hand spells out ICE and the minute hand spells out AGE.

Below are the steps taken over the weeks it took to work this out!

Plotting the clocks on a seating plan map places them in a path however I can not make out any greater than that but: http://jsfiddle.web/7tdhvysu/5/


The first one is on row 3 and factors to the 1, the second is on row 4 and in addition factors to the 1, and the following one down factors to the 5. These are the beginning numbers for pi: 3.1415..., which factors to The Life of Pi


Reversing the order of the rows does not assist: http://jsfiddle.web/8rbd5pv9/


There are a variety of them with the identical minutes proper subsequent to one another, actually there are 6 “pairs” of similar minute palms subsequent to one another – maybe related? One of these pairs comprises “12” minutes, which is irregular to the others that are all multiples of 5.


Based upon the 2 hints, it could seem that the movie title pertains to a quantity. Clockwork Orange additionally screams out at this level so I ponder if in some way the numbers of the instances are in a position to be shaped to supply the hex code for Orange?


Not the reply (primarily based upon hints) however “The instances will level to it” may point out Shutter Island, because the time for that’s 2:15 and the HTML code for the “instances” image is ×, nevertheless the one that factors to is WALL-E in order that may be a solution.

Edit 6 – ANSWER!?

Is the movie “Ice Age”?

I used a clock face to map out the minute palms and it printed out what appeared like “Age”. Looking on the hour palms it appears to be like like if I did the identical I might get “Ice”.


Ice Age is unquestionably the reply!

Really annoying that I attempted this about two weeks in the past however I used the precise clocks from my JSFiddle and nothing confirmed up. It’s additionally technically not appropriate to make use of analogue as a number of the feedback recommend, as a result of if a minute hand is pointing to the ten or 11, then the hour hand is almost pointing the following quantity. That is partly what threw me earlier than once I was attempting to line up the hour palms in my JSFiddle!



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