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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Chaos Shields To Forward

Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Chaos Shields To Forward


Someone’s acquired a beat up Chaos Shield within the newest Rumor Engine. But what does it imply and who’s utilizing it? That’s what we need to know!

It’s as soon as once more Tuesday which implies it’s time for a brand new Rumor Engine! Today we’ve acquired a reasonably easy trying picture however that’s the difficult a part of the Rumor Engine. There’s much more happening. Also, the meta-narrative of the Rumor Engine continues to unfold…

through Warhammer Community

Day 205: I have to let the guys upstairs know. The Engine… it’s changed, and I think I’m the only one left who realises. I have to send them this picture, it’ll explain everything. I only hope it’s not too late, they’re starting to suspect I’m not with them…”

This entire meta-narrative is beginning to really feel like a chaos cult has infiltrated the Rumor Engine. Which…yeah, I imply, we’ve seen that go nuts earlier than. We’ll maintain watching how that story unfolds. For now, let’s take a better have a look at this picture.

Clearly, it’s s chaos-themed defend. It’s acquired the 8 pointed star of chaos and it’s fairly nicely worn and crushed. It’s unusual in that it jogs my memory extra of the Kruleboyz type of armor than a straight chaos defend.

Maybe it’s simply the rounded options and the marginally crushed look. The main distinction is that the Kruleboyz have squig-faces on their shields.

It additionally jogs my memory of the gutplates the Ogors put on. I don’t know if that’s associated however it’s attention-grabbing. While this Rumor Engine is most definitely chaos associated, it’s laborious to pin down as a result of we’ve simply gotten a Slaves To Darkness ebook for AoS. In 40k, we’re not slated for a brand new “vanilla” Chaos ebook anytime quickly because the World Eaters are subsequent. After that GW is kicking off the Arks of Omen collection. Not certain if we’re going to see new fashions or not for that collection.

Perhaps GW is as soon as once more taking part in the lengthy sport with this Rumor Engine. We gained’t know for certain for some time if that’s the case. Something Chaos is brewing. We’ll must see the way it pans out!


What do you suppose this Rumor Engine is teasing?


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