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The subject with “Dark Humour”, particularly in Games – Indiecator

The subject with “Dark Humour”, particularly in Games – Indiecator


So, I performed Still There immediately and it truthfully was nice. I heard good issues in regards to the tales and the puzzles in that recreation and albeit, I figured it’d be recreation to stream on Twitch (it was), so I lastly gave it a attempt.

What put me initially on edge, although, was that the sport (and I quote) has “dark humour” in it.

My subject with darkish humour is that it isn’t precisely all the time executed properly. Especially in video games, I observed that always, builders will put stuff of their video games that find yourself simply going too far for no purpose particularly. I imply, frankly, the entire matter is kind of tough to execute properly… so I’m naturally on the fence about it – and that takes away from the expertise.

I consider that this entire factor is so tough due to the character of darkish humour and the way in which that folks perceive it more often than not.

Frankly, “dark humour” is described as humour that makes gentle of subjects which might be onerous to debate or which might be thought-about to be “taboos” that you may’t joke about.

Naturally, there are people who suppose it’s okay to joke about every part. Other folks suppose that solely folks which might be a part of particular teams of individuals can joke about these folks… after which there are people who simply suppose that it’s not okay to joke about every part.

Personally, I believe that it’s a mixture of every part there. “I could make jokes about unemployed people but those just never work” – and I believe that’s superb since unemployment is much less of a taboo to speak about.

But when you get to extra controversial subjects, it’s straightforward to seem like an entire bigot once you speak shit about particular teams, then don’t get a response, after which attempt to play it down as a joke.

I observed that a number of comedians these days attempt to make up this narrative that you may’t say every part in 2022 and that they’re “brave” for doing precisely so. At the identical time, when folks get “de-platformed” or “cancelled” for remarks they made, there are people who actively assist them due to this notion of “cancel culture” and “political correction” being unhealthy.


ContraPoints is a LeftTube essayist channel that talks about a number of points. They make a number of trans jokes however they’re trans themselves.
Dave Chappelle received below fireplace for utilizing transphobic and homophobic rhetoric throughout his comedy particular that, in line with him, have been jokes.

The distinction right here is that ContraPoints is trans and Dave shouldn’t be.

ContraPoints has expertise within the matter and is aware of precisely why a joke is humorous or the place the road is… At the identical time, Chappelle is actually simply pandering to transphobes and different bigots, excusing dangerous rhetoric and attempting to show it right into a joke by making use of the “shock factor” aka the “Oh, no, he said that. I can’t believe it” phenomenon.

In the tip, the rationale why CP doing it’s okay is that she is aware of extra in regards to the matter. Chappelle doing it isn’t okay, not as a result of he’s cis however fairly as a result of he’s simply being bigoted and utilizing transphobic stereotypes and rhetoric.

Anyway, in video games, you may’t actually put within the mandatory nuance to make one thing “dark” and likewise be “funny”. At least, I haven’t actually seen it executed properly to date – and that’s a difficulty. You find yourself with titles the place you point out one thing as a aspect notice, attempting to be humorous… but it surely simply comes throughout as bigoted. In “Still There”, it doesn’t actually occur… or fairly, a number of it’s so tame that I don’t actually get why they added it within the first place.

I don’t know. I discover it onerous to execute darkish humour properly. Most of the time, there’s this superb line that folks can’t appear to seek out. And that’s a bummer… and but a number of devs wish to put it in regardless when it actually doesn’t assist folks take pleasure in their stuff, not less than in my view. It’s both too tame to note (and thus pointless) or it’s an excessive amount of and simply feels hateful (and thus pointless) – not less than in my expertise.

This submit was first revealed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and wish to see extra, you may verify me out on Twitch and YouTube as properly.



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