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Genshin Impact reveals a teaser of their latest character, Nilou

Genshin Impact’s newest replace, King Deshret and the Three Magi is introducing Nilou, the brand new playable character who joins the lengthy record of heroes. As somebody who’s full of heat and innocence, Nilou is a dancer and is the star of the Zubayr Theatre.

Nilou is kind of an beautiful dancer who is thought to draw a large crowd each time she performs. Literally, everybody involves see the present, be it a researcher, or perhaps a mercenary, nobody misses the spectacle. The Grand Bazaar all of a sudden turns into a sea of individuals owing to her immense recognition.

Now that we all know a bit of about Nilou, let’s concentrate on the character itself. She is a help hero that may modify Elemental Reaction results throughout some circumstances to assist the group. She’s a Hydro consumer that makes use of a Sword to slash by enemies. In a single go, she will be able to make as much as three consecutive sword strikes on the enemy.


Nilou’s Element Skill makes good use of her skills as a dancer to deal Hydro harm to opponents or by making use of the Wet debuff to them. her Pirouette state is one thing to be careful for. When she releases her Elemental Burst, all enemies inside the space of impact obtain a tonne of Hydro harm. Nilou also can summon the Lotus of Distant Waters, unleashing lots of harm and restoring her well being.

Her expertise are additional heightened when all members of the get together are Hydro or Dendro customers. This unlocks the Golden Chalice’s Bounty impact for all close by characters. Their elemental mastery is elevated and triggering the Bloom response solely makes the impact extra distinguished as Bountiful Cores spawn and burst quickly, dealing AoE harm.

While Nilou does seem to be a easy and naïve dancer, she clearly shouldn’t be taken calmly. Players can begin pirouetting their technique to victory by downloading Genshin Impact now totally free.

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