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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Codex Astra Militarum – the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Goatboy right here to speak about Codex Astra Militarum.  Here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from ninth’s new e book.

Overall it’s an fascinating codex and whereas it isn’t practically as loopy and fascinating because it may of been it does really feel prefer it was closely designed.  What I imply about it being designed was there was numerous thought in how this e book works. It would possibly give a little bit little bit of perception in how we would see tenth version codexes constructed.  It positive is a heck of rather a lot cleaner with simplified guidelines for regiments and dataslates having extra “rules” in-built.  But we’ll go into that as I begin to dig into the e book a bit.

My Auto-wounding Soapbox!

Before leaping in although I do need to get on my soapbox a bit and discuss how a lot I hate the 6’s to hit inflicting auto wounds.  It is among the guidelines that frustrates me in the way it principally invalidates a ton of different armies guidelines and fully adjustments the way to outline the way to make one thing robust.  The rule makes tt appears like there shouldn’t be a Toughness stat and we should always simply transfer to AOS as a technique for flat hitting and wounding on choices.  The new Born Soldier rule additionally tacks on the entire – counts as a 6 to wound if rolling a 6 to hit. Thankfully on this e book there isn’t a ton of unhealthy interplay past one actually on edge unit that we’ll focus on later.  We know this rule is unhealthy for the sport and have tweaked/modified it for each e book that has had it so I count on this one to get modified too.  I simply want the transfer to this rule as a substitute went in the direction of the exploding 6’s for six to hit . Becasue whereas that exploding 6’s is highly effective it nonetheless permits your robust talents to work.  Alright let me hop off my Soapbox and get to the evaluate.

The Good

Overall I believe this e book is healthier constructed then the final Chaos Daemon codex.  The removing of previous locked in Regiments helps clear up a ton of the additional “baggage” guidelines we now have seen in numerous different books.  You have your 9 complete Warlord traits, locked in pages of Stratagems, and your relics are all constructed to work inside the e book.  This makes it simple for a participant to “build” a listing as you don’t have to leap backwards and forwards worrying about what you may decide and use.  It additionally means Keywords are closely used within the Stratagems and that’s one thing I believe this version didn’t do sufficient with.  CORE is effectively sprinkled all through the e book so numerous issues simply work with every a part of the e book.  It makes the codex very synergistic in addition to a lot simpler to “figure” out.  Those are all examples of a a lot totally different design course of and appears like how this e book works would possibly translate into the brand new version fairly simply.


The Order system is rather a lot higher with every of the foundations cleaned up.  Everything is balanced to work and the entire who can get an order is effectively laid out.  I actually like the power to offer your tanks Objective Secured. While I’m not a fan of a ton of military guys on the desk I do love me some tanks.  Crushing the enemy below your tracks is among the few joys I haven’t actually jumped into with in 40k and this e book would possibly drive me to search around for Russes and grabbing the Rogal Dorn tank.  I like how the Order system can begin to stack onto different elements of the military as you progress issues round and might create little order combos.  This will take some follow however I can see a basic throwing out instructions far and wide and can most probably do effectively with little Order playing cards/tokens.

The Rogal Dorn Heavy Tank

Speaking of the Rogal Dorn – it feels about spot on. It has respectable firepower, a price that isn’t an excessive amount of, and simply appears to be like cool.  Could you think about if the Primaris automobiles had tracks on them how a lot cooler they might look?  The Metal Slug really feel of the tank makes me need to try to get one.  I additionally like how one can improve it with a Tank Ace potential to make it an Officer.  Tank commanders are again and whereas not practically as busted as earlier than they nonetheless appear good.  I believe must see how a lot of the steadiness dataslate stays or if all of it drops away to essentially see how the codex works.

The Ole Leman Russ

I talked concerning the Leman Russ however that Dataslate acquired a critical glow up with all of the weapons being good. It continues to be robust, and appears effectively costed to indicate up on the tabletop.  It acquired to remain a Squadron which is superior to. So look out for 9 Russ armies designed to abuse goal secured orders and be a real ache within the butt.  The turret change too helps by giving it a +1 to hit when capturing and permitting the tank to shoot whereas in Engagement vary at different non engagement vary enemy models.  That feels fairly dang spicy and once more is asking to me to make a bunch of tanks.  Oh and you bought to like the Vanquisher ignoring invulnerable saves.  Or hate it as once more you begin to add one other rule to disregard your “tough” talents.

The New Lord Solar

The new Shiny character on a horse is fairly superior too.  I’m not a fan of the mannequin (a little bit to Stormcast for me) however he appears so good. He has the power to offer everybody orders (howdy tremendous heavy mates), is tough to get through, and isn’t horrible in fight.  I nonetheless suppose the character appears to be like goofy. But he’s too good to not use as he’s a supreme commander and might significantly let you “CP” up and make the most of all of the highly effective stratagems.


Speaking of CP the Kasrkins appear fairly dang wonderful. They is perhaps near busted with just a few strats and skills to maximise the Borne Heroes rule of inflicting auto wounds on 6’s (or 5’s in some buff stats).  You throw a relic on them, permit them to redeploy, cut up their fireplace, and throw out a ton of 6 MW bombs to models.  This is the place we would see the change to not rely as an Auto 6 however must see.  I constructed these fashions for BoLS HQ they usually have been fairly superior.  Seriously one of many higher “AM” builds on the market and only a ton of cool elements and choices.  These guys are going to indicate up and count on at the least 2 models to place some ache into your military.

The Bad

The Regiments being gone is sort of a combined bag.  As it does make constructing a military simpler you’re sorta restricted to both simply choosing from the three troop decisions with apparent Regiments connected to them or constructing your personal along with your construct regiment potential.  That is okay however it simply feels off from all my mates with Tallarn armies and people Vostroyan humorous hat dudes.  I believe the Regiment customized guidelines are good however the potential to auto wound on a 6 to hit combined with counting as a 6 to wound could be very highly effective and one thing you simply don’t need to lose out on.  The Kasrkin are simply too good and their potential to take an additional Regiment potential helps a lot there isn’t any motive to vary it out.


The relics additionally really feel meh as a result of once more there are numerous fight choices for characters that shouldn’t be in fight.  Straken is the one tremendous fight monster on this e book and you’ll’t give him a Relic so it feels off to have so many bizarre issues.  Again this factors to having Relics price X factors versus a CP as you at all times have 5-10 factors left laying round which might be handy to throw on a Sarge or Commander. That poor Relic Plasma Pistol we at all times see left within the Relic field would present up extra if it simply price just a few factors.

Missing Tank Squadrons

Those Hellhound tanks, artillery, and a bunch of others misplaced the power to be taken in models of three.  I don’t know the way I really feel about this as I’m used to seeing both none of them or these previous days of seeing 6 dealing with you from throughout the tabletop.  They are usually not unhealthy automobiles so possibly somebody will take them however it nonetheless simply appears like you must take extra Leman Russes and name it a day.  Heck that’s in all probability the most important factor on this e book when you must simply take a Leman Russ versus some other tank past one Super Heavy and possibly one Rogal Dorn.

The Ugly

The Balance Dataslate and the way a lot goes to remain in?  Does all of it get wiped away and this military turns into as is within the e book?  I really feel Armor of Contempt on the Russes isn’t wanted anymore in addition to the entire – ignoring no LOS hits.  It is so onerous to essentially focus on issues as these two guidelines are points that if left in would possibly have to revaluate the entire choices within the e book.  I do know a change is coming when this absolutely releases within the new few months however it’s nonetheless a problem.  I’ve numerous Tank mates. So I believe any occasion ought to await the complete launch earlier than letting an AM participant go hog wild with tanks which are too robust and artillery that’s method to correct to justify.

Goodbye Old Man Yarrick

Oh and Yarrick is lifeless – killed by Angron.  I made the joke that we should always see Yarrick come again as a “Daemon” of the Emperor just like the Saint.  Put some wings on him, have some doves flying behind him, and create the last word Christmas mini – to sneak right into a future AM codex. Heck or simply make him come again as a result of Mark/Gork missed him and desires it for Ghaz.  Still it’s unhappy that he died as he’s a just about the mascot for Armageddon and the entire kinda of non Marine little bit of lore for 40k.  We’ll simply have to attend and see.

The Verdict

Overall the e book appears respectable and we actually can’t determine how busted it could possibly be till every thing is about up with their Dataslate. Will they hold the entire wounds counting as 6, and simply what exhibits up a ton for the AM e book?  This could possibly be a return of Leaf Blower with extra Leman Russes than the rest.  I additionally marvel how a few of this would possibly let GSC get some enjoyable stuff of their armies too.  We’ll simply have to attend and see.  I’m simply comfortable to see this e book come out although the looming menace of tenth version nears nearer and nearer.

For the Emperor!


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint numerous stuff. I’ve been taking part in Warhammer 40K because the Nineteen Nineties, and have received a number of nationwide occasions together with Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I’m engaged on – or engaged on for somebody. I’m at all times doing one thing interest associated.

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