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How To Get Larvitar In Pokemon Scarlet (The Easy Way)

How To Get Larvitar In Pokemon Scarlet (The Easy Way)


As cute as a number of the brand new Generation Nine Pokemon are, you’ll be able to’t deny the allure of “old school” Pokemon. One such basic Pokemon we are able to’t get sufficient of is Larvitar

This rugged character is a Ground/Rock sort that finally evolves into the ferocious wanting Tyranitar, a dinosaurian Pokemon that’s as formidable as it’s giant. 

Here’s the factor, although: you’ll be able to solely get Larvitar in Pokemon Scarlet. Meaning all Violet trainers must be utilizing Brandon’s easy methods to get Bagon information as a substitute (as that’s an unique). 

And secondly, Larvitar is kind of troublesome to seek out. Despite being situated in a number of completely different areas of the Paldea map, it’s not often seen. But now we have a number of ideas and methods up our sleeves to assist with that… 

Where To Catch Larvitar In Pokemon Scarlet

Larvitar might be discovered at a handful of web sites throughout Paldea, however the best location to seek out it early on within the recreation is in South Province (Area Five). 

If you fly to the Poco Path lighthouse and look in your map you’ll see a spiral formed mountain within the distance – journey there to get Larvitar. 

Be warned, a number of Axew populate that space as properly, and with the 2 Pokemon sharing comparable colors it’s straightforward to confuse one for the opposite when you’re speeding round. 

Though contemplating Axew is a Dragon sort Pokemon you would possibly need to catch it; it’s not one of many greatest Dragon sort Pokemon, but it surely’s nonetheless a strong ally. 

If you’re not close to South Province you’ll be able to search the next areas as a substitute:

  • East Province (Area Three)
  • West Province (Area One)
  • Asado Desert
  • Alfornada Cavern
  • Dalizapa Passage

To improve your probabilities, arrange a Picnic in one of many above areas and put together a Jambon-Beurre sandwich. Part of its impact is that it will increase encounters with Ground sort Pokemon, making it very best for Larvitar. 

How To Evolve Larvitar In Pokemon Scarlet

Evolve Larvitar into Pupitar at Level 30, then wait till Level 55 for it to evolve into Tyranitar. 

There you will have it, now you will get Larvitar with (relative) ease! If you’re searching for extra useful objects and ideas be sure you take a look at the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thriller present codes



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