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Constructor: Daniel Bodily

Relative problem: Simple-Medium after which a last sq. that … ??? I don’t know how individuals crammed that one in, or what the app accepted, or actually something … 

THEME: [deeeeeep sigh] some query about Scrabble that’s apparently on a multiple-choice check in some legendary world the place individuals take multiple-choice assessments about such issues, what on the planet…?  — 16A: With 30- and 49-Throughout, check query to be answered by filling within the right circle (“IN A SCRABBLE GAME / WHAT TILE IS WORTH / TWO POINTS?”); on the backside of the grid are circled letters “A” by way of “E” (like multiple-choice examination solutions) and each letter goes in like regular besides “D” (considered one of two right solutions to the theme query); as a substitute of “D” you might be (apparently????) supposed to write down in “SHADE” (though you do not want “SHADE” *in any respect* to make sense of both the Down or the Throughout reply o my god this puzzle is so ill-conceived I do not even know …

Phrase of the Day: EPODE (47D: Classical lyric poem) —

  1. 1. 

    a type of lyric poem written in couplets, during which a protracted line is adopted by a shorter one.

  2. 2. 

    the third part of an historic Greek choral ode, or of 1 division of such an ode. (google/Oxford Languages)

• • •

One other very temporary write-up immediately, as my Michigan trip continues for one more couple of days. It is going nice, thanks for asking. Farmers markets and sand dunes and picnics and hikes and camp fires and cocktails and ice cream and every little thing you may hope for from Michigan. Even the horrible “Do not Blame Me, I Voted for TRUMP” flag hanging exterior a home simply down the highway seems to be very helpful as a marker for determining simply when our personal driveway is developing. Even the unhealthy is magically good right here in Michigan, is what I am saying. What just isn’t magically good is that this puzzle, holy moly. Let’s begin with the truth that “D” just isn’t the one tile that is price two factors in Scrabble. “G” additionally has that time worth (if google is not mendacity to me). So the very query is silly from the get-go. The query implies (strongly) that there’s only one such tile. There’s not. This seems to the be the least of the puzzle’s issues, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a reasonably large downside. Then there’s the perennial downside of getting directions and/or questions as your theme solutions. At all times a complete vibe-killer. Under no circumstances fascinating to uncover. Particularly uninteresting on this case, because the query is deceptive within the first place (as we have established) and within the second, what the hell “check” would ever have such a query???? The very concept that you’d take any check wherever at any time that might have such a query is flat-out ridiculous. However the worst is that the “D” “reply” is meant to be … not a “D” (which my software program wouldn’t settle for) however … [SHADE]. LOL how on the planet was I speculated to know that? True, PASTEL [SHADE] (40D: Hue comparable to pale mint or lilac) and [SHADE] TREE (64A: Leafy shelter from the solar) work for his or her respective clues, however (look forward to it, drum roll, and so on.) So Do PASTEL and TREE. All On Their Personal! Really, now that I give it some thought, [SHADE] TREE is at the least one thing I’ve heard of, however PASTEL [SHADE], yikes, no. I imply, the reply is PASTEL. [SHADE] just isn’t self-evidently lacking. Hoo boy. So unhealthy. That [SHADE] / “D” is significantly the worst “rebus” sq. I’ve ever seen. Or near it. And for the world’s dumbest, most preposterous “check query.” Even the proper Michigan vibe during which I’m at present residing can’t make me warmly disposed to this clunker.

ODIC!? As a suffix? It is just like the puzzle was making an attempt to invent methods to harm me. And the spelling on WOOSH, ouch, my eyes (30D: Dashing sound). It is like when individuals write WOAH as a substitute of the right WHOA … solely worse. The phrase is WHOOSH. I take advantage of it quite a bit, primarily to explain the perfect Friday-solving expertise (WHOOSH WHOOSH!). Merriam-Webster agrees with me and has many current examples so that you can peruse if you’re so inclined. WOOSH simply seems to be anemic and unhappy. Which I assume is becoming. Gotta get again to extra nice diversions. See you tomorrow.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

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