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logical deduction – PSE Advent Calendar 2022 (Day 20): The Christmas Gift

This puzzle is a part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2022. The accepted reply to this query will likely be awarded a bounty price 50 status.

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Alice and Bob have been having a good time after dinner, sitting in the lounge. The fireside was on, warming up each of them, as they talked by way of the night time with their comfortable pyjamas on, chatting about what they need for Christmas.

“I might love some sweet and lights for Christmas,” Alice advised Bob whereas drawing out her want. “I want it could be large lights, so I can put them all over the place and unfold the love of Christmas”.

Bob, needed one thing else for Christmas, nevertheless. “I might love a Christ-“

The cellphone rang, and Bob shortly went to choose it up within the lounge room.

Well, it has appeared that Bob had to return to his residence, after a household emergency.

“Hey, Alice, I’ll ship you what I would like, in a on-line hyperlink. Sorry if its complicated, there’s just one extra of this in inventory, and it must be a secret if I need to get it.”

Alice, confused, waited till Bob gave him the hyperlink, and was a bit caught on fixing it. Can you assist her?


This puzzle is a nonogram. No particular guidelines, nothing. Just discover the picture, and inform us what Bob desires for Christmas.
Nonogram puzzle



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