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Matt Jones’s Jonesin’ Crossword, “A Pair of Shorts” – Erin’s write-up

Jonesin’ answer 12/20/22

Hello lovelies and Happy Holidays! This week’s Jonesin’ options phrases that may comply with “short,” paired into some unusual phrases.

  • 18a. [Shrinking of a bookstore section?] FICTION CUT (“short fiction” and “shortcut”)
  • 34a. [How electricity is conducted through a baguette?] BREAD CIRCUIT (“shortbread” and “short circuit”)
  • 44a. [Extra-strength bones, like the ones used to play a skeleton like a xylophone?] TEMPERED RIBS (“short-tempered” and “short ribs”)
  • 64a. [Instruction after a power outage?] CHANGE FUSE (“shortchange” and “short fuse”)

Other issues:

  • 9d. [Potato dumplings] GNOCCHI. They’re not pasta, however they’re scrumptious!
  • 31d. [Like cooked spaghetti] LIMP. Not if it’s al dente!
  • 52a. [Stuffs full of food] STODGES. This British time period is becoming given all of the meals listed within the grid.
  • 12d. [Trouble, in Yiddish slang] TSURIS. To our Jewish readers, I hope your Chanukah celebration is stuffed with mild and love and freed from tsuris.

Until subsequent week!

Aaron Ullman’s Wall Street Journal crossword, “Build Your Own”—Jim P’s overview

Today’s theme consists of acquainted phrases whose closing phrases may also be a part of a burger.

Wall St Journal crossword answer · “Build Your Own” · Aaron Ullman · Tue., 12.20.22

  • 17a. [Stuck] IN A PICKLE.
  • 24a. [Head honcho] THE BIG CHEESE.
  • 38a. [Character who calls Charlie “Chuck”] PEPPERMINT PATTY.
  • 52a. [“Cool beans, bro!”] AWESOME SAUCE.
  • 63a. [Don’t-care hairstyles] MESSY BUNS. Never heard of the coiffure, however it checks out.

Nice. I like that the objects are roughly within the correct order. Of course you’d want a bun on high and backside to do it proper, and I’d be one for placing sauce on the highest bun, however the important components are there. I additionally like that there’s no meat known as out, so you may have no matter sort of patty you need.

STATE MOTTO is sweet within the fill, and I suppose TOP THE BILL is as nicely, although I’m extra accustomed to listening to it as “getting top billing.” I’m going to proceed to hate on SSTS although they’re making a comeback. And I had by no means heard of the journalist Katy TUR, however the crossings have been truthful.

Clue of observe: 10d. [“North to the Future” or “Live Free or Die,” e.g.]. STATE MOTTO. Alaska and New Hampshire respectively.

Smooth, strong grid. 3.5 stars.

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