Home Android Games Pokemon Unite welcomes Scizor to slash away the competitors

Pokemon Unite welcomes Scizor to slash away the competitors

Pokemon Unite welcomes Scizor to slash away the competitors


When TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company revealed the second part of the first-anniversary celebration for Pokémon Unite, gamers had been to be handled with a number of stuff together with three new Pokémon licenses, one other map, and a tonne of different options.

Today, the third and last Pokémon of this commemoration is out – Scizor, with its highly effective claws. The Pokémon begins every match as Scyther and has the distinctive potential to decide on to not evolve. It is determined by your playstyle, Scyther is sort of free-flowing whereas Scizor has a reasonably arduous exoskeleton. Players can acquire the license for 14,000 Aeos cash or 575 Aeos gems.


Scyther begins with fundamental strikes that slashes opponents and offers injury to them. The actual deal begins at degree 5, the place Scyther learns Dual Wingbeat, which offers AoE injury in an X-shaped space, whereas additionally restoring its HP. The different choice is Bullet Punch, the place Scizor dashes ahead punching opposing Pokémon and recovering HP.

At degree seven, the Pokémon learns Double Hit and Sword Dance, the previous dealing injury in a chosen route, whereas the latter in an area-of-effect. And to high it off, the 2 Pokémon have their very own Unite Moves.

Scyther’s transfer is named Green Illusion Dive, the place it makes copies of itself and damages the Pokémon continuously. Meanwhile, Scizor’s Unite Move is Red Illusion Dive, the place it lowers an opponent’s motion pace. After that, it makes copies of itself, damaging the opponent as soon as once more.


The two evolutions are broadly fairly comparable with slight variations that depend upon the match state of affairs. Scyther affords numerous mobility with its Dual Wingbeat transfer, whereas Scizor’s Bullet Punch makes it extraordinarily sturdy. Scyther does present way more injury than its evolution however lacks toughness.

Where Scizor shines is in disrupting opponents. Scizor can simply stun different Pokémon, whereas additionally elevating its personal defences, which additional add to its sturdiness. So, if lasting for some time and excessive HP is what’s required, then Scizor ought to be the go-to Pokémon.

Get your arms on Scizor’s license by downloading Pokémon Unite now without spending a dime.

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