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Retro Gaming Discussion Show: 270 – RGDS

Retro Gaming Discussion Show: 270 – RGDS


In this episode, Aaron, Matt A & Matt L desk the dialogue that troubled so many players within the 8-bit, 16-bit and even 32-bit period. Which is healthier, PAL or NTSC. More importantly, what’s the distinction?

If you’ve ever been confused about this everlasting battle, we’re right here to assist. If you don’t know your RGB out of your RF, your 60HZ out of your Big Black Borders, and maybe you’re complexed why field artwork varies a lot from area to area, don’t fear… the boys cowl all this and extra as they pull out the most effective and the worst that every gaming area has to supply.


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Music featured on this episode

– Intro: Sonic 1 (NTSC and PAL)

– PAL Intro: European Club Soccer (Title Theme)

– NTSC-J intro: Pilotwings (Rocketbelt)

– NTSC-U Intro: Mortal Kombat (MD, Title Theme)

– Outro: Midnight Resistance (MD, Level 1 theme)



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