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Rupee Zelda Facts – 20 Things You Never Knew About Hyrule’s Currency

Rupee Zelda Facts – 20 Things You Never Knew About Hyrule’s Currency


It’s time to seize your Colossal Wallet as we try Rupee Zelda details – 20 Things You Never Knew About Hyrule’s Currency!

For so long as there have been Zelda video games, there have been Rupees. 

The land of Hyrule’s forex first appeared in The Legend of Zelda on the NES in 1986, permitting essential character Link to buy objects and to commerce for data or pay to realize entry to new areas. 

Though this shiny, glowing cash has been round for over 35 years, there’s loads of issues you could not know in regards to the gems that type the spine of Hyrule’s economic system.

Come with us as we provide you with quite a few Rupee Zelda details. It’s time to cowl 20 Things You Never Knew About Hyrule’s Currency!

1. Rupees Made Their Debut In a Non-Zelda Game

Clu Clu Land Screenshot

Technically, the primary look of Rupees got here in 1984 arcade/NES recreation Clu Clu Land. It has subsequently been ported to quite a few different consoles – although they’re not named as such.

That’s proper: the Gold Bars in Clu Clu Land are the very same sprite design as Rupees. They didn’t seem in The Legend of Zelda till two years later!

2. Rupees Weren’t Always Called Rupees

Rubies - Zelda Manual

This Rupee Zelda truth goes to blow your gem-collecting thoughts.

NES manuals typically featured non-canonical ‘facts’ in regards to the video games they have been alleged to be instructing gamers on. 

One of the funniest is the Metroid handbook, which repeatedly refers to feminine protagonist Samus Aran as ‘he’.

Along related strains, Rupees have been known as ‘Rubies’ in The Legend of Zelda’s recreation handbook.

To trigger additional confusion, they have been referred to as ‘Rupies’ within the 1986 NES title, with the singular being ‘Rupy’.

Despite their points with canonical data, you’ll discover each Metroid and The Legend of Zelda positioned very extremely on our greatest NES video games listing.

3. Rupees Are An Actual, Real World Currency

Indian Rupees

Yes, Rupees are actual forex in India. although in fact, they aren’t the shiny, vibrant gems you will discover within the Zelda video games!

Indian Rupees are merely notes and cash, a lot the identical as another forex.

4. Rupees Are One Of The Oldest Currencies within the World

Ancient Indian Rupees

Indian Rupees, that’s!

Initially referred to as rūpyarūpa, which have been silver cash, they have been used as early because the third Century BCE.

Interestingly, these historical cash are hexagonal in form, similar to the Rupees in Zelda!

5. Zelda’s Rupees Weren’t Named After Indian Rupees

Shigeru Miyamoto

You’d suppose that the online game forex of Rupees have been merely named after Indian Rupees. particularly if you uncover the similarity in form on the subject of the traditional model of the forex.

Yet that’s not the case, at the very least in keeping with a 2016 interview – not dwell, however accessible by way of the Internet Archive – with The Legend of Zelda’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.

When requested instantly if the identify got here from the Indian Rupee, Miyamoto answered “I didn’t really have India in mind when I named it. It’s just a cute sound, don’t you think?”

He additionally goes on to make an extra comparability to rubies, given the shiny nature of the Zelda Rupee forex!

6. Rupees Haven’t Appeared in Every Zelda Game

Zelda II Screenshot

Though they did in fact seem within the very first The Legend of Zelda recreation, Rupees didn’t make a comeback in any respect in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Instead, in Zelda II, Link merely talks to non participant characters or performs duties with a view to achieve objects or progress.

7. Rupees Aren’t Mentioned At All In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Zelda II - Cover Art

Strangely, there’s no point out of Rupees in any respect within the second Zelda recreation. 

Of course, as a principally side-scrolling journey – with the overhead view in motion solely between cities and enemy encounters – Zelda II is understood for being radically totally different from another recreation within the collection in lots of different points too.

There’s additionally no point out of Rupees within the Game & Watch model of Zelda (which you’ll discover on our greatest Game and Watch video games listing).

But given the restricted nature of that exact gadget I feel we are able to forgive that omission!

8. Rupees Aren’t Always Just Used As Currency

Zelda NES - Shop Screenshot

Those early Zelda video games hadn’t fairly settled into the acquainted tropes and lore that we now take with no consideration in fact.

But it’s not simply Zelda II that’s an outlier.

For instance, within the very first Zelda recreation – which establishes most of the mechanics that turned commonplace (discounting the unconventional shift of Zelda II in fact) – Rupees are forex…

But additionally they’re ammo in your bow too!

That’s proper – each time you fireplace an arrow in The Legend of Zelda, a Rupee is used!

9. Rupees Aren’t Worth Much In The Real World

Zelda Dollar Value

How do we all know this? 

Well, apparently, Barbara Davidson of NetCredit analysed the worth of assorted online game currencies when placing collectively The Video Game Character Rich List.

Davidson used the in-game instance of a Boomerang costing 300 Rupees to estimate the US greenback worth of Zelda’s forex, with this resulting in a $0.096 worth per Rupee.

10. Rupees Can Be Found Everywhere In Hyrule

Zelda 3 - Rupees in the Grass

In grass, beneath rocks, and in pots (that you simply’ll cheekily smash within the homes of different residents at instances, proper in entrance of them!).

They are even carried by the damaging wildlife in Hyrule.

These are simply a few of the locations you’ll be capable to discover Rupees, as you make your means via the various adventures that Link has in The Legend of Zelda video games.

Perhaps that explains why every Rupee is so low in worth. it’s not as in the event that they’re exhausting to come back by in Hyrule, is it?

11. There’s a Rupee Type That Has A Negative Value

Zelda - Rupoor

Yep, although we now know the actual world worth of Rupees, some are price even lower than that.

In truth, if you happen to discover a Black Rupee – often known as a Rupoor – it’ll deduct Rupees out of your present stash altogether!

Debuting in sensible GBA multiplayer Zelda title The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Rupoors are generally discovered simply hanging round in grass and beneath rocks, similar to common Rupees.

Rupoors subsequent appeared in DS title The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – in denominations of -10 or -50!

Rupoors additionally make their presence identified in Skyward Sword. Thankfully they’re nowhere to be present in Breath of the Wild.

With your weapons breaking everywhere, the very last thing you want is extra punishment from that recreation!

12. Rupee Values Are Determined By Colour

Rupee Colours - Green and Blue

Everyone is aware of that Green Rupees are price 1 Rupee and Blue Rupees are price 5.

These are so acquainted – partly – as a result of they have been the very first Rupee sorts going means again to the very first Zelda recreation.

In the primary 16-bit Zelda title, Red Rupees have been launched for the very first time – and these are price 20 Rupees every. 

Later video games launched much more denominations of Rupee – with Purple (50), Orange (200) and Gold (300), amongst different variations!

13. We Lied, Rupee Values Aren’t Always Determined By Colour

Link's Awakening Game Boy

That’s as a result of the unique Zelda: Link’s Awakening was in fact on the Game Boy, which doesn’t have a color display screen!

Instead, the one Rupees you’ll discover within the wild of the sport’s Koholint Island setting are price one Rupee every. 

There are Rupees price greater than thi, for instance, if present in treasure chests.

But the worth is displayed utilizing numerical digits, somewhat than a special shade of color than the one Rupee gems!

In some video games, equivalent to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (simply as a number of examples, which in fact characteristic on our all Legend of Zelda video games so as listing!), Rupee worth could be decided by measurement too. 

In each of these video games, a single Big Green Rupee is price 100 Rupees, however different colored Rupees can be found in Big variants too – with bigger values to their commonplace sized counterparts!

14. Green Rupees Are Always Worth One Rupee Though, Right?

Link's Awakening DX

Actually, we could have misled you a bit there too, sorry.

That pesky outlier Link’s Awakening strikes once more. When it got here to the Game Boy Color in enhanced type as Link’s Awakening DX, Nintendo modified the worth of Blue Rupees to 1 and Green Rupees turned price 5.

Red Rupees held their worth at 20!

Perhaps this may be defined by the (spoiler alert!) dream-world setting of the sport?

15. Koholint Island Can’t Decide Upon the Value of Rupees!

Or maybe not – because the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening restores normality, with Green Rupees price 1 Rupee every, Blue valued at 5 and Red at 20. 

The Switch model additionally provides in Purple Rupees at 50, Silver Rupees at 100 and Gold Rupees price 300 Rupees every!

Naturally, you’ll discover Link’s Awakening in our greatest Zelda video games on Nintendo Switch listing too.

16. Rupees Are Everywhere – But So Are Thieves

Rupee Wraith

Despite the truth that Rupees could be present in tall grass, beneath rocks and nearly another surroundings in Hyrule, in lots of Zelda video games, there are non-player characters whose main job is to steal Link’s valuable Rupees, somewhat than simply discovering their very own.

Characters equivalent to Pikits in A Link to the Past additionally steal different objects from Link, however Rupee Wraiths – which first appeared in Four Swords – will pursue Link only for his Rupees!

17. Be Careful – That Rupee Might Not Be A Rupee!

Rupee Like

Originally showing in Four Swords, Rupee Likes are creatures that disguise themselves as Rupees with a view to lure in unsuspecting adventurers.

Rupee Likes have Rupees on their stalks, with the color figuring out what number of Rupees they steal from poor Link in the event that they catch him!

When caught by a Rupee Like, Link will preserve shedding Rupees till he’s in a position to free himself or he runs out of Rupees totally.

Even if Link has no Rupees, the grasping Rupee Likes will nonetheless pursue him!

18. Rupees Can Make You Go Faster!

Hyrule Circuit

Only in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe although.

Replacing the long-lasting Mario cash on the Hyrule Circuit monitor, Rupees carry out the identical perform as cash and enhance a participant’s kart velocity by 1% when collected.

As with cash, the utmost velocity bonus is 10%, which in fact occurs after 10 are collected.

When picked up, Rupees make their very own sound impact too, somewhat than the sound of Mario’s cash!

If you’re a Mario Kart fan, why not check out our greatest Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel listing?

19. Rupees Appear In Other Non-Zelda Games Too

Animal Crossing Zelda Theme

We’ve already talked about the pseudo-Rupee Gold Bars in Clu Clu Land and the precise Rupees in Mario Kart 8, however different video games characteristic Rupees too!

A Green Rupee seems as a sticker in Super Smash Bros Brawl, for instance.

Rupees additionally seem in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. if a participant opens one other Villager’s storage unit, they will discover 100 Rupees!

Unfortunately, they’re not authorized forex in Animal Crossing, the place Bells are used as money.

The Big Bad of Zelda, Ganon, additionally seems in a really Hyrule-esque dwelling (as you may see from the above screenshot!).

In the Welcome Amiibo replace to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Rupees could be discovered as a furnishings merchandise. 

When a participant walks over a Rupee, it disappears, making the acquainted Rupee sound – and reappears once more a number of seconds later!

20. Who Makes All of These Rupees Anyway?


Given that Rupees could be discovered nearly anyplace in Hyrule – and generally past – it has typically made us curious sorts at Retro Dodo marvel: the place do Rupees come from?

The unusual reply could have been given in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, because of creatures referred to as Blupees.

Blupees are magical, bio-luminescent creatures who look considerably like a hybrid of an owl and a rabbit.

Link can’t kill Blupees, but when they’re shot or in any other case hit with a weapon or explosion, they drop Rupees.

A Korok character named Peeks even speculates at one level that Blupees sparkle as a result of they’re filled with Rupees

He even wonders, “Where do they get all those Rupees anyway? Do they make all the Rupees in the world?”

Though in fact it’s not confirmed that Blupees are the supply of Hyrule’s Rupee economic system, it’s pretty much as good a Zelda Rupee associated reply as we’ve ever had.

Thanks, Peeks.



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