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SCP: Forgotten Facility is a WW2 period single-player, multiplayer co-op and PvP horror sport set in a creepy procedurally generated SCP facility.

As everybody is aware of, the SCP basis was created to guard humanity from anomalous entities, objects and phenomena. However, SCP: Forgotten Facility takes place throughout a time when WW2 has taken its toll on the working and safeguards of the power you’re in. It seems its “Special Containment Procedures” are failing…

In SCP: Forgotten Facility you’ll be capable to tackle the function of seven completely different character varieties, together with employees from the power, Allied forces, Axis forces, D Class Personnel and SCP Anomalies. As properly as coping with different gamers, there may also be a wide range of completely different SCP anomalies roaming the halls, together with SCP-457, SCP-352 and SCP-1048.

There are a variety of SCP video games round in the mean time, however the screenshots look spectacular and the WW2 setting ought to ship an attention-grabbing twist on the formulation. Sign up for the Beta to recollect the Forgotten Facility.

Sign Up For The SCP: Forgotten Facility Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)



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