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‘The Sandman’s Endless: A Guide to the Whole Family of Anthropomorphic Personifications

The first season of Sandman launched us to 4 of the seven Endless, a household as outdated as all life within the universe. Who are the Endless?

Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved comedian guide The Sandman has exceeded the expectations of even the pickiest fan. With its wonderful casting decisions and lively promotional marketing campaign, the present was a fast hit for each outdated and new followers alike. Welcome to the household! And talking of households –

Who are the Endless?

The Endless are a household of historic beings that personify ideas related to life. They’re “anthropomorphic personifications”, as Death frustratedly tells Dream in the course of his mopefest. If you’re caught up on the present, you’ve met 4 of the Endless to date. So we’ll begin with them.

Sandman Endless


Sandman Endless

Dream is the principle protagonist within the story if such an idea may be utilized to Sandman. Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming, is accountable for all of humanity’s desires and nightmares. When we fall asleep, we enter the realm of Lord Morpheus and are tended to by the varied members of his kingdom. The Dreaming can also be the place each guide, written or unwritten, sits on the cabinets of his library. The Dreaming is all the time shifting and altering, identical to the character of desires.

Morpheus was born after Death, making him the third-born of the Endless. His sigil is his very modern helm.


Sandman Endless

I don’t need to let you know who Death is. It’s her job to information folks to Whatever Is Next. Unlike another Deaths you’ve seen in popular culture, this Death sees it as her responsibility to consolation and empathize with the mortals whose souls she shepherds. What most mortals don’t fathom is that once they die, it’s not the primary however the second time they’re assembly Death. She’s additionally there to usher them into the world as they’re born. It’s understood that, of the Endless, she’s probably the most feared by mortals, although she’s seemingly the kindest of them. Death can also be the oldest sibling save for Destiny.

Death additionally has a really giant floppy hat assortment, which I deeply admire. If you’re going to be immortal, you ought to acquire cool hats from each period. They additionally go nice along with her signature ankh necklace, which can also be her sigil.


Is there something you need? Need? Long for? Then you, my good friend, have visited the guts of Desire. Their residence known as the Threshold, and it’s a huge manifestation of themself. Desire is fluid in gender, and whereas their picture might change, their eyes stay repeatedly gold.

Of the Endless, Desire is probably the most inclined to meddle within the affairs of their fellows. And as anticipated, Desire is intentionally the cruelest of all of them. They seemingly don’t have any cares for the results of their actions, significantly these they take towards Dream, with whom they’ve created a rivalry. They are as capricious because the inclination for which they’re named. Their sigil is a shimmering crimson coronary heart of minimize glass. They’re additionally the dual of Despair, each second-to-youngest siblings.


Sandman Endless

The twin of Desire and infrequently their co-conspirator, Despair is bare within the supply materials however understandably clothed within the live-action adaptation. Her area is crammed with grey mist. It’s residence to solely her, her rats, and mirrors by way of which she watches folks within the depths of, properly, her.

When the story begins, Despair can also be the one of the Endless to die and get replaced by one other facet of herself. Her sigil is a hooked ring that she makes use of to tear at her flesh.

For these of you who wish to be stunned by upcoming Endless appearances in Netflix’s ‘Sandman’, you’ll discover spoilers previous this level. Feel free to wander away into the mists now.


Sandman Endless

The oldest of the siblings, Destiny is hooded and cloaked. He is blind and carries a guide containing (nearly) all the pieces that’s ever occurred and occasions earlier than and even as they unfold. His realm is a hedge maze known as the Garden, and it may be reached by way of any maze.

As you’ll be able to think about, Destiny isn’t huge with the character or outbursts of emotion. When the Endless get collectively, it’s typically within the realm of their eldest brother, who is never concerned within the precise doings of the universe.


Delerium, the youngest of the Endless, was once Delight. It’s unknown precisely why she stopped being Delight – even Destiny doesn’t know what occurred. Delerium is the smallest of the Endless, and her look adjustments very continuously. She’s typically altering her hair and outfit types and colours primarily based on her ever-changing temper. She’s more likely to create little manifestations of fish or butterflies or bubbles, relying on what’s occurring round her. You might imagine she’s talking nonsense, however she additionally has her personal understanding of actuality.

She was referred to as Mania to the traditional Greeks, and her whims may be brutal. She responds to damaging stimuli fairly rashly, so should you’re impolite to her, she’s going to boop you on the nostril with a drastic case of mentally sick. Her skill to establish feelings and sensations throughout all spectrums of her senses is peak neurodivergence, in my private opinion. And I’ll perpetually affiliate her character with ripped fishnet stockings.

Her sigil is simply, you already know, a fairly swirly factor. But when she was Delight, it was a flower.


Sandman Endless

Often known as The Prodigal, Destruction was the peacekeeper amongst his siblings. His function, he discovered, was to trigger the destruction that may drive the creation of latest issues. In his personal self-reflection, Destruction would come to grasp that he was an avatar for change – and the belief brought about him to desert his realm someday within the seventeenth century.

When we meet him, he’s dwelling a easy life making mediocre artwork and sitting topic to a comedy roast by his beloved speaking canine Barnabus. Destruction’s abdication and his outlook on the roles of the Endless is likely one of the many cosmic-level dominoes that finally lead Dream of the Endless to his personal destiny.


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