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story-driven RPG with distinctive fight! DEMO out, searching for suggestions!


I performed by means of the demo and thought it was enjoyable! The easy character designs had been actually cute, and the environments appeared good. They had this kind of “liminal” really feel to them that caught with me. The phrase decisions may very well be a bit unusual at occasions (e.g., to start with, the micro organism had been mentioned to have “plagued the earth” regardless of us being advised they had been peaceable), however general the dialogue was quick, candy, and charming. One factor I particularly need to commend was the pacing of the demo – there was by no means a cut-off date the place I felt like the sport had settled right into a predictable routine. Best of luck with the kickstarter! I can inform you put numerous effort and time into this, sustain the great work!



I believe I acquired caught in an infinite loop with zebraeon. It saved alternating between the display screen the place I choose “Fight” which does nothing–his shields by no means change–and the display screen the place I dodge. It would not let me do Heal, Action, or Escape, so after a few dozen loops of this I gave up.

Seems like a terrific sport although, with a ton of labor put into it. I’m all about silent protagonists who reply sure/no questions with a thumbs up xD

I might advocate use a special key than shift for the menu. For one factor, you’ll be able to’t enter a capital letter within the identify entry display screen. Also, maybe enable the escape key to cancel menus? It took me awhile to determine how you can shut the stat menu.



Sorry I do not do Twitter, however I’ll attempt to describe it. This occurred within the tutorial, in different phrases the primary struggle.
The Fight button DID work kind of. My character moved ahead and tried to assault. It’s simply that nothing was affected. Zerbaeon’s shields did not change. As for the opposite buttons they evoked a reply like “You ought to do what I say for now” or one thing like that. I do not bear in mind the precise phrases.

After Fight, the sport switched to facet view motion mode and I needed to dodge some photographs. After a number of seconds of that it went again to button mode and the entire cycle repeats.

I like what you’ve got carried out with the sport general. IF it ever turns into standard it is perhaps a superb candidate for porting to a retro console. There usually are not many video games I’ve seen that will be worthy of porting to retro console, however this may very well be one. Reminds me of a few of these old fashioned NES video games like Magic of Scheherezade, or a cool cross between Dragon Quest and Blaster Master, with a tinge of Earthbound.



Oh, I did NOT notice I needed to press when the white circle was small! So it is not a bug in spite of everything.



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